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Why should you Learn Excel Online?


All of us want to work efficiently. There are dozens of ways to save time when working in Excel. Like – Table objects, add multiple rows and columns at once, generate unique set of values, create custom style from an existing format and much more


You can create interactive spreadsheets by using v-lookup, index & Match, Offset and other multiple formulas. You can streamline and automate your routine activity. Can also generate reports / Forms using visual basic application.

Decision Making

Features such as Goal-Seek, Scenario Analysis, Data tables will help the management to take business decisions. 

Career Progression

If you know niche areas of Microsoft Excel like Automation, Data Cleaning Techniques, PowerPivot, etc. employers may see you as a valuable asset who can perform tasks efficiently

Details of Advanced Excel Masterclass

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Advanced Excel

  • Basics – Sort, Filter, Dates
  • Lookups (VLOOKUP, 2D, 3D, reverse)
  • Pivot Tables & Macros in-depth
  • Content Optimization
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Excel VBA Macros

  • Excel forms and VBA code
  • Stages of Variable declaration
  • Automate tasks
  • Edit Files Using Excel
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Excel Dashboard

  • Dashboard fundamentals
  • Sheet tracker - multiple sheets
  • Pivot table dashboard
  • Map chart dashboard

Excel Modelling

  • Timing Flags
  • Circularity Switch
  • Analysis or Corkscrew equation
  • Waterfall Structure

What should you learn in Excel online?

Let’s divide the skill levels into Beginner (L1), Intermediate (L2), Advanced (L3) & Automation (L4)

This understanding (L1 to L4) is important to be able to set learner expectations and match them with the training’s offering

Beginner (L1)

You who are using Sort, Filter, copy-paste techniques to make reports. Their work mostly involves data entry. They doubt their formula writing abilities. They rarely use functions beyond SUM, MAX, and AVERAGE etc

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Intermediate (L2)

You have begun using basic VLOOKUP and IF. However, if VLOOKUP shows #N/A error, you revert to find, copy, paste and double-checking every entry. You  have a limited clarity on using the functions correctly. You would have infrequently used Pivot Table, Charts. You need to Learn Excel’s advanced techniques

Advanced (L3)

You who are proficient in Pivot Table, inter-sheet and inter-workbook VLOOKUPs, basics of SUMIF, COUNTIF, and data cleaning tricks. You are looking to learn time saver tricks, expand possibilities, and perform complex calculations. E.g. topics such as Macros, 2-D lookup, reverse lookup, multi-criteria SUMIFS and COUNTIFS, advanced Pivot Table features will be interest to them. They will be keen to learn advanced functions such as OFFSET, INDIRECT, Array formulas, multi-dimensional what-if analysis, advanced charts, dashboard, Macros coding, Power Query, formula based Conditional Formatting etc.


Automation (L4)

You are the Go-To person in the organization for Excel Automation problem solving. They learn faster and wish to keep themselves updated about better ways of problem solving. You will know: How to communicate with other applications to automate task, optimizing code efficiency, userforms, user defined functions.


I particularly like the short videos that allow me to get to a topic quickly and then move on (your competitors mostly offer 20-30 min videos which is a bit much to keep one’s attention span).

ex-McKinsey & Co. served senior roles (CEO, COO) in various companies

This will save so much time I am quite a heavy user of PowerPoint Online but have never formally learned how to use it properly This course has shown me how incredibly time consuming my ways of using it are.

(Business Owner at The Writers’ Guru)

The courses are really helpful whether regarding saving time, improving your presentation skills or getting to learn new features. The videos give you the feeling of one to one attention.

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Article Assistant at P.Mukherjee & Co

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