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Our program is for Analysts, Consultants & Reporting professionals. Learn to [Analyse], [Visualise] and [Automate] using the most commonly used tools in organisations globally i.e. Excel & Power BI.

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Excel and Power BI Masterclass

Excel is used everywhere in some form or the other – Analytics, Dashboard, Data Science, Machine Learning and Financial Modelling.

Power Query is an ETL tool (Extract, Transform, Load) – available in both Excel and Power BI. It’s referred as a “codeless automation” tool.

Advanced users of Excel use Macros to automate tasks. It frees up their time to focus on analytics, rather than the CCP-tasks (Cut, Copy, Paste).

Power BI Dashboards has started replacing Excel-based Dashboards. Learning Power BI means learning Visualization, Power Query, Data Modelling, and DAX.