How to type degree symbol in Excel using Keyboard Shortcut

What if you’re working on a Temperature Data? Here, you must learn how to use the degree symbol in the Excel data to show the numbers in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

For this, one of the most important things is to use the degree symbol in data to show numbers in Celsius and Fahrenheit. So, what you need to learn is, how to type degree symbol on a laptop?

How to Insert/Type Degree Symbol in Excel?

Do you think you can easily type degree symbol in Excel or mac? Let’s have a quick look how to use the degree symbol in the Excel data:

Note: Insert Degree symbol in Excel Windows & Mac are the same

There are four ways to do this:

#1 Insert Degree Symbol using Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard Shortcut key to type degree in Excel is Press ALT+ 0176

You need to press and hold ALT button then press 0176 from the numeric pad on your keyboard

#2 Insert Degree Symbol using CHAR Formula

Input or Enter =CHAR(176) into a cell and then Press Enter.

#4 Insert Degree Symbol using Symbol Dialog Box

  • Go to Insert –> Symbols
  • Select Symbol from Options
  • In the Symbol dialogue box, select the font you want, Scroll down the options, select degree symbol from it.
  • Click on Insert

#5 Insert Degree Symbol using Autocorrect Feature in Excel?

  • Go to File –> Go to Options
  • In the Options dialogue box, select Proofing–> Select the Autocorrect Options
  • In the Autocorrect dialogue box, to enter the letters you wish to replace
  • With the Option: ° (use the shortcut ALT 0176, or if you can copy paste the same from a cell)
  • Click on Add and then OK

However, If you do not know about Conditional Formatting yet then we have a magical blog on the same topic. Click here to know how to do conditional formatting with formulas

Problem & Solution while inserting degree symbol in Excel:

Problem: The degree symbol in Excel is not present on the Keyboard. (Whenever we talk about degree symbol in excel 2016. Some say that we haven’t observed it on the Keyboards that we have seen till date.)

Although, there’s always a technique to tackle any situation however penetrable the situation is.  Do you agree with this or not?

Solution: Obviously, you’ve got only one option and that is YES. You’ll observe there are plentiful techniques lined up that will help you to type degree symbols in Excel. These are not the Complicated ones rather easy to decipher. Once you learn these techniques, you’ll think of these as Magic.

Now let’s have a look at How to Insert or Type Degree symbol in Excel:

There are four preeminent ways to Insert or Type degree symbol in Excel.

Let’s concentrate on what are these:

How to use a Keyboard Shortcut to Insert or Type degree symbol in Excel

Well, all you need to remember is ALT + 0176. ALT + 0176 is keyboard Shortcut key to type degree symbol in Excel or to insert degree symbol in Excel. First, hold the ALT Key and without leaving it Press the digits 0176 i.e. using the Numeric Keypad of your Keyboard.

Shortcut key for Degree Symbol in Excel

So, these were the four methods you observed to type/insert the degree symbol in Excel.

One more method is VBA Code to Quickly Insert a Degree Symbol in a Cell

VBA Codes to discover how to insert a degree symbol in Excel.

Also, With VBA Code you’ll see it becomes possible to select any cell in the Range. And then after running the VBA Code the degree symbol in the Excel would be added after every cell at the end.

While you learn how to insert degree symbol in Excel or how to type degree symbol in Mac. Know that this is just a specific symbol used often. Sometimes, we might use it only for a specific category of data, for an example: To measure the temperature.

NOTE: While you put a degree symbol in a cell, you must remember that the degree symbol in Excel follows the number with no need to take care of the fact that, it always follows the number with no interceding space.

Before, we proceed one very important thing is that these methods are same whether you’re doing it in Excel or Mac.

We hope this Tutorial was helpful for you. Leave your comments below if you’ve any query about the same.

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