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Open password protected the file from this simple excel tips & tricks. Learn how to unprotect excel or remove password from excel. Let me warn you up front – THE MOMENT you learn applying this trick on How to Unprotect Excel, you’ll JUMP in ecstasy. If you are ready, then read on…

Almost ALL Excel users wish at some point or the other felt the need of some magic to “UnProtect Excel Sheet” password so that they can see the formula and make changes.

Learn How to unprotect Excel Worksheet or Remove Password From Excel

* Please note that this is the worksheet password and not the workbook password *

remove password from excel unprotect an excel

They take the help of Google. They are redirected to 100’s of sites who ask you to download some software:

1) Some of those software apps will display only first 2 or 3 characters of the Excel password (trial version).

2) Some will install interesting pictures and set your default browser homepage to some “one who can’t be named” website. You get the drift!

Excel Password highlighter

3) Some (paid versions) will display 1,29+ hrs of computing time to crack the Excel password in case the password is not a simple dictionary word. (BTW dictionary word passwords can be easily cracked using a technique called “Dictionary attack”. Rest needs “Brute Force attack” technique)

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Result – Frustration: NOW, let me start taking you through the process of the GOD MODE Excel Password trick.

Step 1: Enable display of file extension names:

This will be required to change the file extension. For example from Budget.xlsx to Budget.zip and back to Budget.xlsx. [“Control Panel” – “Folder Options” – “View” tab – Uncheck “Hide Extension for known file type”]


Folder-Options-View-Hide-extension-file-typesStep 2: Change the extension of you Excel file from .xlsx to .zip


Step 4: Open the XML file in a notepad and delete the following tags marked in double quotes below

v. 2007-10 – “sheetProtection password=… />” v. 2013 – “sheetProtection algorithmName=…/>”


Step 5: Save the XML file and put it back in the zipped folder from the extracted location. It will replace the original XML files.

Step 6: Closed the zipped file and change the extension back to .xlsx (reverse of Step 2 above)

Step 7 – Enjoy the GLORY my friend 🙂 – The relevant sheets for which corresponding modified XML files will not ask for any Excel password anymore.

It’s this simple to unprotect excel