Financial Modelling

What are The Benefits of Being A Financial Analyst?

Being a financial analyst is one of the most popular career paths in finance. So check the ultimate benefits of being a Financial Analyst and start your career to become the most successful Financial Analyst.    Introduction to Financial Analyst While Financial Analysts have to face some challenges, it’s also a domain full of career...
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Financial Analyst Interview Questions & Answers [Q&A]

Financial Analyst Interview Questions stated below is a boon for the individual going to face a business interview. We have gathered all the important points and questions asked in a financial interview by discussing with many interviewers and our experienced panel. Just go through the financial analyst interview questions before attending an interview to know...
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Difference between Business Analyst and Financial Analyst | Business Analyst vs Financial Analyst

Business Analyst vs Financial Analyst, like the name suggests, are both analytical roles that analyze data to help a business operate. Though both of them sound as if they are very similar, the fact is that they perform different tasks to help an organization run smoothly. Business Analysts concentrate on all aspects of running a...
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