March 4, 2019

Steps to Format Columns Using Power Query

Another important feature of Power Query is Format Columns. There are various formatting options available in Power Query for columns like Trim, Clean, Add Prefix, Uppercase, etc. In this example, we are going to see how to capitalize each word from the column using the formatting feature. Format Columns By Power Query Step 1: Select...
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How to Navigate Query Editor Using Power Query

While using Power Query, you might’ve come across a step that reads ‘Navigation’  in Applied Steps pane and it is automatically created by Power Query. But, do you know what it is used for? Navigate Query Editor Using Power Query The code generated by this step is = Source{[Item=”Sheet1″,Kind=”Sheet”]}[Data] This is one of the ways...
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How to Edit A Query Using Power Query

Power Query also allows you to edit a query that you have already generated. Let’s take an example. Suppose you have a data table as shown below. Editing A Query By Power Query This is an employee data and you have to create the post for each employee based on their experience given in the...
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Delete Steps Until End By Power Query

If you want to delete some steps, you can do it in one shot. The Power Query Delete Until End feature helps to delete as many steps up to the end in one click. Delete Steps Until End By Power Query Let us understand this feature with the help of an example. Step 1: Load...
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Data Type Conversion With ‘M’ Using Power Query

Data Type Conversion With ‘M’ with Power Query. Sometimes it happens that the things we want to do are not built in the user interface.  But Power Query’s programming language M has made this possible. Data Type Conversion With ‘M’ Using Power Query One of the unique functionality of M is that it takes data types very...
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