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March 1, 2019

Consolidate Multiple Excel Workbooks in Power Query

The limitation of Excel of consolidating multiple Excel workbooks into one has overcome by Power Query.  Power Query can do this consolidation task in a couple of minutes. This is explained below within a few easy steps. Consolidate Multiple Excel Workbooks By Power Query Step 1: Open Excel Workbook from Folder Suppose you have an Excel...
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Split First & Last Name Using Power Query

Sometimes, when you have a data table which includes full names of candidates in one column and you want to separate the full name into first name and surname in different columns. Split First & Last Name With Power Query This is a common task, but most people may use complex formulas to perform this...
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Learn How to Replace Values in Power Query

There is a cool feature of Power Query which is known as ‘Replace Values’ feature. As the name suggests, it can replace any value with the new value you provide into your data table. Power Query Helps In Replacing Values To understand this feature in detail, let’s take an example. We have a data set...
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Power Query Helps In Transposing Data

Transposing a data set is ultimately rotating data from rows to columns, or from columns to rows. To understand this concept, an example with the picture is given below. Transposing Data By Power Query Let’s go through the steps in detail for transposing data. Step 1: Open the data in Power Query Open the data...
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Learn How to do Reverse Rows Using Power Query

Sometimes you need to show the data in a reverse form for some of the other reasons. It’s not easy to reverse rows without Power Query in Power BI. Power Query can do it in a fraction of second without losing any valuable information. Reverse Rows By Power Query Let’s take an example where you...
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Read How to Group Rows And Get Counts Using Power Query

Power Query allows you to group rows and get the counts of each group very easily. Group Rows And Get Counts By Power Query Let’s go through the steps in detail. Step 1: Select the column in Power Query To group rows, we first need to select the column from which we want to group...
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Learn How to Create Pivot Columns Using Power Query

To simplify your data and aggregate them together we can Pivot the huge data table using Power Query Editor in Power BI. This amazing feature of Power Query has hundreds of benefits. We can use it for a data source that has too many numbers of columns and rows. Create Pivot Columns Using Power Query...
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