Strikethrough shortcut in Excel & Word helps to delete it. Example sometimes, while creating a document we don’t need a few text we can just delete it. But when we want to show the unwanted text we used Strikethrough text option. This option will let the text remain where it is. But simply it will put a horizontal stroke on the text. This will describe that the text is no longer need or relevant.

Strikethrough in Excel

There are various shortcuts assign to each function in MS Office. Strikethrough too is assign some shortcut. This makes our work easy and saves time. There are lots more shortcuts in Excel. Click here

Strikethrough Shortcut In Excel

There is no icon for this function or option in any of the ribbon in Excel. You need to go through few steps to assign Strikethrough in Excel:

  1. Select the cell or range of cell you want to put strike on.
  2. In the Home Ribbon > Font Group > Click on the small arrow sign at the right bottom corner of the Font Group


Right-click and click on Format cell.

  1. Go to the Font tab in the Format Cell dialog box.
  2. In the effects, put a tick on Strike through.

Result: You will see a horizontal strike on the text in the cell. i.e ( E̶x̶a̶m̶p̶l̶e̶ )

However, this procedure would be too time consuming. So the shortcut to Strike through the text is Excel is PRESS CTRL +5.

Procedure: Select the cell or range of cell and Press the Strikethrough Shortcut CTRL + 5

Strikethrough in Excel

Strikethrough Shortcut in Word

Now, Steps to assign Strikethrough in Word:

  1. Select the text or texts and click on the Strikethrough button which is available in Home Tab, Font group.

You can also use the Shortcut to strike through in Word by

  1. Ctrl + D (Opens the Format cell dialog box)
  2. Alt + K (Tick on Strikethrough)
  3. ENTER.

You can even customize or put a strikethrough button on your ribbon. You can put this button on Quick Access Toolbar. Also, whenever you want to put a strike on non-adjacent cell in Excel. You press Ctrl key and select the cell and then Press the Shortcut Ctrl + 5.

Strikethrough in Word

Still, if you want an automatic task to create strikethrough. Click Here and Copy-Paste it. You are done with strikethrough shortcut.

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