Tricks to create Hyperlink in Excel | ‘How to’

Before We learn How to create Hyperlink, let’s Learn what is Hyperlink and in where we can use it.

What are Hyperlinks?

A Hyperlink is a reference to a document, a location or an action that the reader can directly follow by selecting the link. Hyperlinks are used extensively on the Internet and are generally Words highlighted in Underline Blue<– Like that.

Below are the 5 Types of Hyperlinks:

  1. Existing File
  2. Existing Web Page
  3. Place in This Document
  4. Create a New Document
  5. Send an Email Link

When and Where?

For quick access to related information in another file or on a web page, you can insert a hyperlink in a Microsoft Excel worksheet cell. You can also insert hyperlinks in specific chart elements or images. The use of Hyperlinks in Excel has been extended to a number of areas and this includes:

  • Opening Files (of any type)
  • Opening Web Pages (Internet or Intranet)
  • Jumping/Navigating to locations within an existing document
  • Creating New Documents (Excel files only)
  • Sending Emails

Case Study: Imagine that you want to create an excel sheet from where you can open your important files, web links, excel sheet, send an e-mail and much more by using a single click of your mouse! Yes, You can create this dynamically!!

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Let’s go through the following steps to create this

Tricks to create hyperlink to webpage

Create a Hyperlink to a web page:

Step 1: Create a table like above picture that contains some column headings Like Web Page, File, New File, Workbook, E-Mail etc.

Enter a value in a cell under webpage

Step 2: Enter a value in a cell under Web page column like “Yoda Learning”.

Click on insert tab

Step 3: Click on the cell contains “Yoda Learning” and click Insert tab.

On the link group click on hyperlink

Step 4: On the Insert tab, in the Links group, click Hyperlink.

Another shortcut to get hyperlink

Tips 1: There is another shortcut way also to get Hyperlink. Just Right-click the cell and then click Hyperlink, or you can press Ctrl+K.

Insert Hyperlink dialog box will be open

Step 5: Insert Hyperlink Dialog box will be opened. Under Link to, click Existing File or Web Page.

In the weblink add dialog box

Step 6: In the Address box type the web link of Yoda Learning: “” then click OK.

Your hyperlink is created successfully

Your hyperlink is created successfully! Now if you click on that cell it will open that web page in a browser.

Create a hyperlink to a file

How to Create a Hyperlink to a File:

Step 7: Enter a value under File column with a file name you want to open from your computer. Here we have entered the name “Tutorial”.

How to insert Hyperlink in Current Folder

Step 8: Open Hyperlink and from Insert Hyperlink dialog box click the Current folder and select your file for the hyperlink. Click OK.

Your hyperlink to a file create successfully

Your Hyperlink to file created successfully! Now you can open your this file from this excel sheet by a single click on this cell.

Create a new file using hyperlink

Create a new file using Hyperlink:

Think: Imagine that you need to create a doc file and next few days will work on that continuously. You can create this new file with hyperlink easily!

Step 9: Type a value under the New File column. Here we typed Word File.

Insert Hyperlink Dialog box will be appeared

Step 10: Open Hyperlink for this cell. Insert Hyperlink Dialog box will appear. Under Link to, click Create New Document. In the Name of new Document type the name of your new file and select the directory by click Change button. In this example, we are going to create a doc file named “Word File.docx”. Click OK.

Your new doc file and Hyperlink is created now

Your new doc file and Hyperlink is created now! Now you can open your new file by single click on that cell.

Create a Hyperlink to a particular cell of workbook

Create a Hyperlink to a particular cell of the workbook:

Step 11:  create a new sheet and in cell A1 type “Workbook Hyperlink”. We will create a hyperlink in our previous sheet for this new cell of new sheet. Click to a new cell and In the Name box to the left of the formula bar, type the name of the cells, and then press ENTER. Here we type Workbook as a name.

Click on it and open Insert Hyperlink Dialog box as like previous process

Step 12: Now back to our previous sheet and type under Workbook column “Workbook”. Click on it and open Insert Hyperlink Dialog box as like the previous process.

Under Link to click Place in This Document

Step 13: Under Link to click Place in This Document. Select “New” from Cell Reference tree to select our New sheet of the same excel file and select Workbook from Defined Name tree. (Remember we created this Name “Workbook” for the cell “Workbook hyperlink” of New Spreadsheet. To be listed in Defined Name tree you must change the name of that particular cell from Name box). Now click OK.

Our Workbook hyperlink is created

Our Workbook hyperlink is created. Now when you click on this cell, it will jump to the New sheet’s new cell Workbook hyperlink.

Create hyperlink to an E-mail

How to Create a hyperlink to an E-mail:

Step 14: Type Send e-mail in a cell under the E-mail column. Open hyperlink for this cell.

Under Link to click E-mail Address

Step 15: Under Link to click E-mail Address. Type the email address that you want to use and type the Subject. Click OK.

Your hyperlink to an email address is created successfully

Your hyperlink to an email address is created successfully! Now you send mail to that particular mail address with a single click on that cell!

How to remove or edit a hyperlink

Tips 2: How to remove or edit a hyperlink?

If you want to Remove or Edit hyperlink, just right click and click Remove Hyperlink for remove and Edit Hyperlink to edit your cell.

Tips 3: You can also create a hyperlink for another object like image or graph in your excel sheet.

Just click on that object and open hyperlink and follow the same process to create a hyperlink.

Want to create or change the ScreenTip when you mouse hover over a hyperlinked cell

Tips 4: Want to create or change the ScreenTip when you mouse hover over a hyperlinked cell?!

Click on a cell and Open Edit Hyperlink to add ScreenTip for that cell-like above picture. Click ScreenTip. Now Type the ScreenTip text, then click OK. Now go to that particular cell and hover your mouse to see the Magic

Now go to that particular cell and hover your mouse to see the Magic!

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