Learn how to remove blank cells in Excel

How to remove blank cells in Excel? confused? Data doesn’t always import or paste into Excel as nicely as you want. Sometimes, all the information is there, but extra blanks and spaces are carried along with the data cells. Think that if you work with a large data set in an Excel Workbook or Excel Spreadsheet, there are times you might need to delete a blank cell or set of blank cells section.

The process can become time-consuming; if you have a lot of data. Instead of going through the workbook, and deleting sheet rows or each blank row or column individually, you can make multiple selections and let Excel do the work for you.

How to remove blank cells in Excel?

We can do it by completing 2 stages:

  • Selecting those blank cells only
  • Deleting those blank cells

So let’s go through the following steps to solve this problem in Excel. remove blank cells in excel Step 1: Create a table same as in the picture above which has many unnecessary cells and rows blank in excel. We are going remove blank cells from this table.

  • Select Range of Cells
  • Click on Home Tab
  • Click on Find & Select [Right-Hand Side]


Step 2: Select the whole table and go to Home tab. In the Editing Group click Find and Select.


Step 3: Under Find and Select list click Go To Special.


Step 4: Now Go To Special dialog box will appear. Check blanks and click on OK.

after selection

Step 5: After that, we can see in our Excel sheet that this method only selected blank cells from our selected range of the table. So our first stage is completed, now let’s go to the second stage and delete these blank cells.


Step 6: In our second stage we need to delete only those selected blank cells. Now right-click on the selected cells. The Pop-Up Menu will appear. Select the delete option.


Step 7: Now Delete box will appear. Check Shift cells left to delete columns from the selection. Click OK and see the magic.

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selected cells Step 8: Now we can see the blank Columns are deleted. Now we need to delete the blank Rows in excel.

select-entire-rowStep 9: Do again step 2 to step 5. Then right-click on the selected cells. The Pop-Up Menu will appear. Select Delete. Now from Delete box Check Entire Row to delete rows from the selection. Click OK.

remove blank cells result See, all blank cells are deleted now. Happy data cleaning!

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So, in this blog, you have learned how to remove empty rows in Excel with simple and small tricks.

Also, you can remove empty rows & column in excel by using this method.

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  1. Dave Grant

    Thanks. Will this delete columns that may not be entirely filled with blank cells, but columns that have only one or two blank cells due to incomplete data, which I would NOT want to be deleted?


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