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How to Create A Sequential List Using Power Query

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The Power Query M language allows you to create a list containing a sequence of numbers or characters very easily. This is possible when you are defining lists by using expressions in the format-

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Create A Sequential List With Power Query


Let us take an example to understand this feature.

Step 1: Add Custom Column

You can write an M query in Power Query Editor for creating a list of integers, list of characters and list of Unicode values. After you load the data in Power Query, you can link it to the list or table created using M query. To write the M query you can use the Advanced Editor or Custom column as shown below.


Step 2: Write M Code

Write the M code we have created a simple table with three columns and three rows using the below-given formula-

#table({“A”..”C”}, {{1..3}, {7..9}, {11..13}})

The output of this formula is shown below.



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This is how you can control, shape and modify your data table using Power Query Editor features in Power BI.

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