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How to do Duplicate Columns in Power Query

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You can also duplicate the columns easily using the Power Query Editor in Power BI. This can be helpful when you have columns that you want to duplicate & make some temporary/permanent alterations to it in the Power Query Editor but not to your source data. In this tutorial, we learn 3 cool steps to duplicate columns with power query.

Duplicate Columns Using The Power Query Editor

Suppose you have the source data as shown below. Here, the marked column is the one that we want to duplicate.

Step 1: Select the Column that you want to duplicate

After you load the data source into the Power Query Editor, you have to find the column that you wish to duplicate and select the same. As shown in the picture below, we are going to duplicate the salary column.


Step 2: Duplicate the selected column

When you select the column to be duplicated, the go-ahead to do the following changes on the ribbon.

Go to Add Column tab >Duplicate Column option


Step 3: Save Data

After you duplicate the column you get the result immediately on the screen of the Power Query Editor. When done with your work, just click on the save icon on the top to save the changes for next time.


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In this way, you can easily duplicate columns with Power Query in Excel as well as Power BI. If you wish to learn Power Query for Data Cleaning and Data Transformation Techniques, then check our latest Power Query Course for Power BI & Excel, which comes with the Lifetime Access and 24×7 Online Support.  

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