Learn How to Create a Horizontal Bar Chart in Excel

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A horizontal bar chart may look appealing, but to make it may be troublesome. In this article, we going to learn how to create a Horizontal Bar Chart in Excel with 5 easy steps.

  • Consider there are two tables i.e. Income and Expense
    • Select the data with headers and Press Ctrl + T. Do it for both Income and Expense.

How to Create a Horizontal Bar Chart in Excel

Follow the below steps to create a Horizontal Bar Chart in Excel

    1. You need to give the table a Name. To do so follow these steps:
      • Click on any cell in the table.
      • Go to Table Tools in Ribbon then Click on the Design tab
      • Type the name for Table for future reference to create the horizontal bar chart. Check the below image for reference

    2. Go to Formula tab
    3. Click on Name Manger
    4. Click on New Button
    5. Give it a name and formula. Refer to the image below.
  1. Now you need to create a formula in Name Manger under Formula Tab. Here are the steps to do that:
  2. Preparation work done, here are the final steps to make percentage bar chart:
    1. Select a cell on a worksheet where you want the horizontal bar chart to be placed
    2. Type =TotalMonthlyExpenses in the selected cell
    3. Go to Conditional Formatting tab, click on Manage Rules.

      1. Create a New Rule
      2. Fill all the details as mentioned below (Refer below image for more clarity.)

      • i.Select the Rule Type as Format all cells based on their values
  1. ii.In Edit the Rule Description section:
    • Select Data Bar in Format Style dropdown
    • Tick box for show Bar only to hide values displayed in Bar
    • Select Type as Number for Minimum and Maximum columns
    • For Value, Select 0 for Minimum and write formula =TotalMonthlyIncome for Maximum
    • For Bar Appearance, select a fill color and border as per your preference.
    • Click Ok to complete the process.

  2. To get the percentage on right side, write this formula =TotalMonthlyExpenses/TotalMonthlyIncome in the cell next to bar chart.