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Disable Relationship Detection for Beginners in Power Query

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Disable Relationship Detection for Beginners in Power Query. This is another feature of Power Query that will speed up your queries. When you load your data into the data model from the power query, Excel will try to find and build relationships between the new data and other tables in the present in the data model. Thus, it will take extra processing time and will slow down your queries. All these steps are prepared by our Power Query Training Experts.

Disable Relationship Detection With Power Query

If you are always loading your data into the data model, then you should turn this feature off in order to save time. Below are the steps to disable relationship detection.

Step 1: Open Query options

Go to the File menu and then press the Options and Settings button and open the  Options.


Step 2: Uncheck Relationships Option

In the Current File Data Load settings, uncheck the ‘Autodetect new relationships after data is loaded’ option. This will prevent Excel from creating relationships between tables in the data model.UNCHECK RELATIONSHIPS OPTION

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