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Best Ways to Import Data From XML in Power Query

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You can easily load the data files like Excel spreadsheets in Power Query. But what if your data source is not an Excel spreadsheet? For that, you have to follow these following steps, suggested by our Power Query Training Experts. Each step is well explained with image visualization.

Import Data From XML Using Power Query

It’s very usual nowadays to get data from a company’s accounting or sales system in the XML format. If the data is inside an XML file, it’s very easy to import data into the Power Query!

Let’s have a look below to see how easily we can import an XML file into Power Query:

Step 1: Get data from XML

To get data from XML you should have an XML file containing data saved on your PC. Then, you can easily connect within a few clicks in Power BI as given below-

Home  >  Get Data  >  More  >  XML  >  Connect


Step 2: Link the XML data into Power Query

Once you click on the connect option in Power BI, it will take you to the directory where you have saved your XML file. You just have to select the file and click on the open as shown below.


Step 3: Select the source file in Navigator

A navigator window gets open after selecting the XML file. In this window, you have to select the subfiles that you want to connect to the Power Query. Also, you can preview this file before clicking on Edit as shown below.


Step 4: Close & Apply

After clicking on the Edit option in the Navigator window, the selected file gets open in Power Query as shown in the below picture. Here, you can view the data and do the required data manipulations. After doing so, click on the Close & Apply button.


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