Kutools For Word

Kutools for Word is a powerful add-in that frees you from time-consuming operations which the majority of Word users have to perform daily! It contains groups of tools for saving hours of your time! You can use it to easily rename a document, copy a document file and paste the document file to any file location as you want, insert captions, and so on. Kutools efficiently helps you handle the complicated and repeated operations when you process the Word documents, and save your time by boosting your work efficiency.

Kutools for Word

Our Tool Review

Kutools for Word is an amazing and really helpful add-in for Microsoft Word Users. It is created basically as a time-saving technique, to save the time of people who spend end no. of hours, in working on MS Word on regular basis.

With the help of this add-in technique, the user gets to try using multiple techniques such as copy-pasting the document file to their desired location. Insert in the appropriate title for the document file. Kutools for Microsoft Word includes 100+ handy features and functions to free the users’ time-consuming operations in Word 2016-2003.

It efficiently helps you to handle the complication of the repeated operations while processing the Word documents. And it even helps in boosting your work efficiency.

Ease to Use90%
Ease to Install100%
Value for Money90%
Tab View
Resources & Documents Group
Caption Group

 KuTools for Word

 KuTools for Word

 KuTools for Word

KuTools for Word Offers

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Here’s what you’ll get with Word Tool

File Group

File Group

  • Document Snapshot
  • Reload
  • Rename Document
  • Copy File
  • Copy All Open Files
  • Open Current Document Location
  • Open Default Save Location
  • Auto Recovery Location
  • Word Startup Location
  • Open User Templates Location
Captions Group

Captions Group

  • Caption Pane
  • Insert Multiple Captions
  • Insert Caption in Table, Figure & Equation
  • Select Caption
    • Select Table Caption Paragraphs
    • Select Figure Caption Paragraphs
    • Select Equation Caption Paragraphs
  • Rebuild Caption of Table, Figure & Equation
  • Reference Caption
  • Refresh Captions
  • Pickup Caption
  • Put Down Reference
  • Error Reference
Insert Group in Word

Insert Group

  • Auto Text Pane
  • Check Box
    • Radio Buttons
    • Group the Radio Buttons
  • (Insert Multiple) Images
  • Barcode
  • From Scanner & Camera
  • Frame: Insert, Remove, Formate & Convert Text Box
Remove Group

Remove Group

  • Remove Breaks: Page Breaks, Column Breaks, Section Breaks & All Breaks
  • Remove Indents: All Space/Tab Indents, All First Line, Left  & Right Indents & All Indents
  • Empty Para & Extra Space
  • Horizontal Line, Footnote & Endnote
  • Hiden Text, Picture & Comments
  • Drop Cap & Frames
  • HTML Controls
  • Tables, Bookmarks, Text Boxes & Macros
Resources & Documents Group

Resources & Documents Group

  • Export / Import
    • Export Comments
    • Custom Dictionaries
    • Autocorrect
    • Export Image
    • Export Doc as Image
    • Export Table as Image
  • Split Documents
  • Merge Documents
  • Doc/Docx Converter
Convert Group

Convert Group

  • List to Text
  • Tab to Space
  • Table to Text
  • Feild Code to Text
  • Endnote to Text
  • Manual Line Break to Paragraph Mark
  • Convert Paragraph Mark to Manual Line Break
  • Convert Equations to Images
  • Convert Images to Equations
Bookmark Group

Bookmark Group

  • Bookmark Pane
  • Insert (Bookmark)
  • Remove (Bookmarks)
  • Show/Hide (Bookmark Symbols)
Select Group

Select Group

  • Pages
  • Tables
  • Shapes
  • Paragraphs
Hyperlink Group

Hyperlink Group

  • Hyperlinks Manager
  • Insert Hyperlink
  • Remove Hyperlinks
  • Create Multiple Hyperlinks
Table Group

Table Group

  • (Convert) Table to Text
  • Diagonal Header
  • Remove Empty Rows Columns
Layout Group

Layout Group

  • Short Last Line
  • Resize Images
View Group

View Group

  • Display Settings
  • Combine Windows
  • Switch Windows
  • Close All

Help Information

  • Setting Center
  • Register: If you have purchased a license, you can register the software here
  • About: Displays detailed information about Kutools for Excel, such as version, license information and so on.


  • If you use ERP downloaded MS Word as a base to generate custom MIS reports on regular basis
  • If you want to reduce your TAT (turnaround time) significantly
  • If you want to get tasks done in few steps
  • If you want to automate your normal routine without the VBA Programming
  • If you want to remove all page breaks in the selection or the whole document with one click
  • If you want to select the current, odd and even pages
  • If you want to convert list, table and field code to text or if you wish to convert equations to images.


  • If you use MS Word rarely like if you’re on sales field the whole time or you’ve been working as a salesman or cashier facing the consumer [Tbh, I love you guys, but this tool is not going to help you]
  • You have got a personal assistant who is a word expert and can do all documentation for you [Maybe, this tool will be more helpful for your assistant but not you.]
  • If you think you can use the Kutools license for multiple computers then you’re wrong. And you don’t need to take this tool.
  • If you’re a Mac user and you do not use office on Windows, you don’t need to take this course. 

Other Users Testimonials

Excellent software very practical and very good work.


I recently purchased from your company several pieces of software for use with Microsoft Office.
Because my office uses Microsoft Office for the reason that some of my clients insist upon it, I have found the use of the software very difficult (I am used to using TextMaker and Kingsoft Office for my own personal uses). I have been looking for something that would give me some of the same ease-of-use in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook as do our preferred programs.
Your excellent software is exactly what we were looking for. It installs easily, works perfectly, and makes the Microsoft Office applications (we are using 2010) easier-to-use and much more convenient.
Most of our principal complaints about Microsoft Office have been solved by your software programs. The classic menu and tabs programs make Microsoft Word much more pleasant to use. The Kutools for Outlook and Word a particular favorites because they really make it much easier to use those programs effectively.
Thank you for excellent and extremely useful software, I can see that it will become indispensable to me as I learn its large number of very useful features.

John Sutherland

I’ve been saving time with Kutools for years and I cannot easily describe my delight. I think what I like the best is their lack of stinginess – and the support is great when I can’t find my registration code.

It is a great product and I am considering using their Kutools for Outlook to help simplify my inbox and make my emails magical!

Thanks, the person or persons behind the name!


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Frequently Ask Questions

What Shall I Do If I Don’t Receive The License Information After Placing The Order?

If you choose to purchase our software via MyCommerce, we suggest you confirm whether your order has been successfully processed by checking on:

MyCommerce: https://admin.mycommerce.com/app/cs/lookup

In theory, once your order is validated, our system will automatically send you a registration e-mail containing the download URL. If you do not receive it on time, perhaps it is tagged as a SPAM or it’s because of the delay of Internet or system glitches. Or, maybe the order failed to be processed.

How To Retrieve The License Information?

  • If you have lost your license code or you haven’t received your license code after purchasing, please contact us. We will send it back to you within 12 hours via email.
  • If you couldn’t register the software successfully, please ask us.
  • Please send the following details according to the following information.
    Order ID or Email Address: If you have purchased the software via MyCommerce, please fill the Order ID or Email Address information here.

Does this Tool work on a Mac?

Tools add-in is only compatible with Office for Windows. We do not have plans to develop a version for Mac. However, you can run KuTools if you have a Windows virtual machine on your Mac.

What are the system requirements for KuTools add-in?

Compatible with Microsoft Excel or Office 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, as well as a desktop version of Office 365.
Supported on Windows 7/8/8.1/10, XP, Vista, Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.

You should have administrator rights to install the add-in.

How do I download and install Tools add-in?

Close all Excel files > Download the Tools for your Excel version Click here to ‘Begin the Free Trial’. > Save the file > Run the file as administrator.

How do I uninstall Tools from my PC?

You can uninstall Tools like any other program: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features > Select the tool using its Name > Uninstall.

How can I reinstall Tool?

1. Uninstall: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features > Select the tool using its Name > Uninstall.

2. Install again: Download the latest version > Save the EXE file > Run the file as administrator.

3. Activate the license: If you have a license, it will activate automatically. If it doesn’t, please activate manually: Find your license key (it was emailed to you after the purchase) > Open Excel > KuTools tab > Click the ‘License’ button > Paste your license key > Apply.