Power Query for Excel and Power BI

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Power Query Course is an advanced version of Excel Dashboard Course and pre-preparation course of Power BI Course. In this Power Query Course we wil teach you everything you need to know to import, merge, shape & clean data. It is one of the most popular data preparation tool. Power Query Course learning means you will spend negligible time in data preparation. It is full of practical examples and has already helped 550+ students.

An Introduction of Power Query for Excel and Power BI

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INTRODUCTION TO Power Query Course

According to a Forbes survey, business users spend up to 80% of their time on data preparation, delaying the time to data analysis and decision making.

Power Query is one of the most important data preparation tools. It acts as an ETL tool that can Extract data across a wide variety of sources, Transform it quickly and easily, and then Load it directly into your table/data model.

Power Query, also known as Get & Transform, is natively integrated into many other Microsoft products such as:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio and more…

Power Query for Excel and Power BI Image for Intro

Learning to use Power Query means less time spent in data preparation and more time in analyzing it. Power Query allows you to do many things, but the four main steps are likely to be:

  • Import data from a variety of sources (From corporate databases to files, and social media to big data)
  • Merge data from multiple sources (if you like VLOOKUP, you’re going to love this!)
  • Shape data into the columns and records
  • Clean data to make it reliable and easy to use

Power Query will save you hours of time gathering and preparing your data.

Career Path

Data Analytics


Entry Level (0-3 years) US$ $70k-88k
Mid-level (3-5 years) US$ $134-180k

Talent Gap

International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts a need by 2019 for 181,000 people with deep analytical skills,

Career Ratings



In this Power Query Course, we will learn to eliminate the painful, repetitive process while building a BI solution. This includes manual effort to clean, filter, and structure data. This could be any reporting system, general ledger, accounting, and more.

You will also learn and implement important concepts, techniques, and activities in Power Query using different datasets from the HR, Sales, and Finance domains (Check out course outline for more clarity).

We will learn to automate common data tasks such as:

  • Get data from a single file (Excel, Text, CSV, and more)
  • Import multiple files from a given folder
  • Get data from other sources like a table/range from the web and current workbook
  • Sort & filter columns
  • Convert data types – text, numbers, dates
  • Split or merge columns
  • Merge two queries like joining in SQL
  • Add calculated columns
  • Unpivot data to use pivot tables and much more…

We will also learn some fantastic features of Power Query, such as Column from Examples. It is similar to the Flash Fill feature in Excel.

If you are planning to implement Data Analytics or Business Intelligence solutions using tools like Power BI, Tableau, Python, R, etc. then you must learn Power Query before all these tools.

Note: Power Query techniques taught in this course apply to both the versions i.e. Excel 2010+ and Power BI. However, we have used Power BI’s user-interface (UI) to teach those techniques. The same UI exists in Excel’s Power Query.

Who this Power Query course is for

  • Anyone who works with data daily
  • If you wish to you master Power Query features from scratch
  • If you’re an Excel user performing Data Cleansing or Data Transformation
  • If you use VLOOKUP to consolidate data in Excel
  • Anyone who deals with complex data structure [Advanced Excel formulas / Excel VBA coding (macros) or SQL]
  • If you’re a Financial Analyst using Excel
  • Professionals who aim to leverage Excel for increased productivity and data management
  • Anyone who performs Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) activities
  • If you use Power Pivot, Power BI, Tableau, Python, and R


Data Blending - Power Query Course

Data Blending

Data Blending is a process of combining multiple datasets to create a new single dataset which can then be processed or analyzed. In this Power Query course, you will learn to get data from many sources. We will learn important data blending techniques such as Join Types, Join Multiple files, Importing data from the Web, Merge Queries, and Append Queries. It also allows users to bring together different datasets to look for data relationships or to answer a business question.

Data Cleansing

Data cleaning is the process of preparing data for analysis by removing or modifying irrelevant data to make sure that it is accurate and correct. In this Power Query course, we will learn essential data cleansing techniques such as Remove Duplicates & Blanks Rows, Split Column, Add Conditional Column, Text Transform & Round Functions, and much more.

Data Cleansing - Power Query online Course

Data Transformation

Data transformation is a critical task for activities such as data integration and data management. It is the process of converting data or information from one format or structure to another. In this Power Query course, we will be looking into a range of activities such as Cross Tab vs. Flat File, Pivoting and Unpivoting columns, GroupBy from basic to advanced, and more.

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

ETL is a critical part of today’s business intelligence (BI) processes and systems. The extract is the process of reading data. Transform is the process of converting the extracted data or information. The load is the process of writing the data. In this Power Query course, we will learn ETL process by working on different projects such as Analyze HR Survey from Google Forms, Top 3 Analysts, Create a Pivot Table with Hi-Volume Data.

Power Query Supported Version

Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016

Power Query Supported Version - Power Query online Course

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Power Query Course Preview Videos

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Course Preview Video

Course Preview Video

Course Preview Video

What you’ll learn in this Power Query Online Course?

  • Activate “Applied Steps” panel
  • Import data from external data sources
  • Combine multiple files in a common folder
  • Import data from the Web
  • Apply JOIN and its types
  • Merge data – A VLOOKUP Alternative
  • Append (Combine) data with Power Query
  • Remove duplicates, blanks rows, and special characters present in your data
  • Split column using different options
  • Duplicate and rename queries
  • Record your steps and automate processes – Applied Steps
  • Master unique tips, tools, and case studies


business-intelligence-analyst - Power Query Course

Business Intelligence Analyst

Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Power_BI_Dev - Power Query Course

Power BI Developer

Software_engineer - Power Query Course

Software Engineer

Power_BI_Analyst - Power Query Course

Power BI Analyst

buisness_analyst - Power Query Course

Business Analyst


Giovanna Bucci

Giovanna Bucci
Personal & Team Assistant | Digital Assistant at MACFIN Management Consultants, Italy

“Yoda Learning courses are very useful. I learned a lot of tricks! Thank you so much.”

Alan Best
Production and Quality Manager at Accu-tec, Kentucky

“Thank you. I love your website (I use it daily to answer questions) Thanks for providing such a valuable resource.”


Rajesh Dhoot
Head-Cement Sales Accounts at Chettinad cement, Tamil Nadu, India

“I thought you knew me and my problems – You solved the exact problem which I face at my office in your Yoda Learning course.”


Cesar Lujan
TR LEADER LATAM BENEFIT at Johnson & Johnson, Colombia

“The course is great to have a grasp about Excel Tips & Tricks and Shortcuts.”

CA Durgesh Agarwal
Finance Manager at Rays Power Experts Private Limited, India

“I am enjoying the Yoda Learning online Videos very much and some of the tricks really saved my time a lot!”


What you will get in this Power Query Online Course?
  • Section 01: Getting Ready
  • Introduction to Power Query: What is it? How to access it?
  • Power Query User Interface - A Walkthrough
  • Power BI Nov 2019 Update
  • M-Query Basics - Reading Commands in Power Query Editor
  • Activate your "Applied Steps" Panel
  • Getting the List of all M-Query Commands
  • Importing Data (incl Use First Rows as Header)
  • Section 02: Data Preparation - Part 1 (Blending)
  • Combine or Merge Multiple Files from a Folder
  • Importing Data from the Web
  • Merge Queries vs. Append Queries
  • JOIN Types for Beginners
  • Understanding JOIN Concept and its Types
  • JOINS in Action - Basic Example
  • Quick DOs and DONTs for Merge Queries
  • Merging Queries with more than 1 KeyID Column
  • Fuzzy Lookup
  • Section 03: Data Preparation - Part 2 (Cleaning)
  • Using First Rows as Header
  • Cleaning Up Data with Case Change, TRIM, CLEAN
  • Working with Data Types
  • Fill Down Feature
  • Removing Duplicates and Blank Rows
  • Split Column - Part 1 (Delimiter & By Position)
  • Split Column - Part 2 (Digit vs Non-Digit)
  • Split Column - Part 3 (Split to Rows)
  • Rectify Date format using Data Type (Locale)
  • Working with Column From Examples feature
  • Adding a Conditional Column
  • Merge Columns (Concatenate)
  • Replace Values & Extract Characters
  • Section 04: Data Preparation - Part 3 (Re-Structuring)
  • Unpivot Column - Cross Tab vs. Flat File
  • Group By - Basic to Advanced
  • Pivot Column - An Overview
  • Transpose
  • Section 05: Data Preparation - Part 4 (ETL Project)
  • Find Top 3 Analysts
  • Section 06: Bonus Tricks
  • Copy Data from Power Query Tables
  • Column Profiling and Distribution
  • Duplicate and Rename Queries
  • Index Column
  • Case Study - Please Download

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What Student’s Say?

The Course instructors at Yoda Learning are at Par. My only Weakness till date was Excel which is long gone now. Not only I’ve learned about Excel but I can confidently do VBA Coding and automate my Regular Excel Tasks. A colleague of mine made me watch a Couple of your Videos where you have taught Excel Tricks. And since it had a Lifetime Support it really motivated me to take your Course. Thank you so much for delivering your Best knowledge.

Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas
Sr. Consultant

I have all the courses from Yoda Learning. I consider it as one of the best platforms in making Learning easier for its Learners. The Courses here are comprehensive and one of the easiest Courses on the Online Platform in recent times. Professionally explained. I love the takeaways from the Course. It’s amazing especially the Money back Guarantee which gives you the Confidence to take the course.

Barbara Pern
Data Analysis



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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What are the different modes of training offered for this Power Query Online course?

The Power Query Online course is offered in three different modes, as follows:

• Online training and live interaction with instructors
• e-learning course where training is being provided through recorded video tutorials as well as with the required study materials
• Corporate training course where the course is offered with a customized curriculum for working executives.

Do you provide a Demo Session before Enrollment?

No, but you can call at our office on 80800 42523 or visit our website https://yodalearning.com/ to know more about it.

Who are the instructors taking the Power Query Online Course?

Only professionally trained instructors and proficient analytics machine learning experts handle this training.

What to do if I have got Questions or Doubts?

Once you opt for any Course from Yoda Learning, you get Lifetime Support. You can go through the Video Tutorials as many times as you wish and shoot us your questions and doubts whenever you want. We have the best instructors with us who have vast experience in this field and will answer your questions as soon as possible.

What payment options are available?

Yoda Learning accepts all modes of payment so that you can pay your fees through net banking, credit/debit cards, and through some other electronic mode of payments.

What if I have got a doubt in any of the sections from the module?

You get the Support from the Industry Experts and our Course instructors in case you’ve got a doubt about anything related to the course.

When will I have access to the lectures and assignments?

The moment you complete your enrolment formality, the access granted.

What will I get If I buy Power Query Online Course Subscription?

After completing the course, you will get the certificate of completion of this course. Your electronic Certificate will be added to your page in a downloadable form.

Explain the refund Policy.

If you subscribe to our course and then not able to get satisfied with our content, we will immediately refund you within 30 days.

Is Financial aid available?

Sorry, currently, we are not providing any financial aid, but you can contact to many other sources that provide financial aid to learning inspired students.

With what level of Excel do I need to start this course?

We start our course from the few insights of beginner and then advanced level, so you need to have basic prior knowledge of Excel as a necessity.

How long do I get access to the course?

You will get lifetime access to the course once you subscribe to the yearly plan and for a limited period for the other plan.

Why Should You watch the Power Query Course?

To understands the real-world data problems:
• An easy demonstration of the concepts that you can follow along with
• Practical Scenarios that will help you learn from the Practical Solutions
• Power Query sharpens your data manipulation skills which will save you a lot of time

What are the Other Benefits of Power Query Course?

This course will help you in becoming proficient in the most important Power Query course. It will help you to convert dirty and messy data into clean data. This feature of data cleaning helps you in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence Analytics, and Data Visualization Software input.

15. Who is the target audience?

• If you are an Advanced Excel user who are using Data Analytics in Excel. If you’re a Financial Analysts using Excel or if you use Power Pivot, Power BI, Tableau, Python and R.
• If you’re a Business Intelligence Specialist, who wants to Fetch data from different sources and transform it for further analysis
• If you wish to you master Power Query features from scratch
• If you’re an IT specialist who uses ‘Extract Transform & Load’ i.e. (ETL) activity for your business.
• If you’re an Excel User performing Data Cleansing or Data Transformation
• If you’re a Power BI Desktop user
• If you’re involved in Extensive Data Wrangling Process
• If you use VLOOKUP to consolidate Data in Excel
• Professionals working in the corporate world. The one who aims to leverage Excel for increased productivity and data management.
• If you’re hoping for Career Change apply for a new job

Do I get access to future videos that are added to the course?

Yes! You get lifetime access, which includes all the future videos and Bonus that are added to the course at a later date.

Yoda learning Student

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