Excel Power Query Course

Excel Power Query: The Ultimate Data Cleaning and Data Transformation Tool. Power Query helps to cleanse, create custom functions, handle errors, restructure and shape your Data. An add-in to Power BI and Excel which can automate all your repetitive tasks and increase you time efficiency.

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Benefits of  Excel Power Query Course

Do you know what is ultra-cool about Power Query? Once you have performed the steps. These steps are repeatable the next time you want to perform the earlier exercise. Much identical to the idea of a Macro but easier to use. Still confused in enrolling the power query online course?

RRetrieve and combine data

With Power Query you can retrieve and combine data. The repetitive steps to cleanse and restructure the data is time-saving and efficient

PPower Query makes Complex Transformations:

It easily lets you make as many and Complex transformations to your data set. This includes trimming a text value and then applying numeric calculations to the complex transformations easily suchlike pivot and unpivot

PProvides a Function Library:

A function library is being used in Power Query for applying transformations. The function library which is used in Power Query contains heaps of transformations for every datatype.  The Datatype could be table, record, list, text, record, date, number, Boolean and many other.

IImports Data:

It is an add-in. The Get and Transform feature will let you import Data from various Data Sources. Importing was earlier done by an Excel Workbook or CSV which is the Comma Separated Value file. Whereas now, Facebook, Salesforce along with various other Programs and Packages have been added up

CCleanse and Shape your Data

With Power Query online course, you can reshape your data. It is a great Tool for cleansing and shaping your Data whereas Power Pivot is built for modelling and reporting

LLoading as per the Data Modeling

Power Query loads the dataset/result into an Excel spreadsheet or into Power Pivot whichever is required for data modelling

PProvides Data into a Usable Format:

Import the Data and then clean the same into a useable format. Power Query already transforms the Data into a FORMAT which is Pivot Tables and Report ready

TTackle Real World Challenges with M Language:

The M Language of Power Query course can be used to tackle the tough real -world Challenges that helps with Data Transformations

FFormula Language Supreme to GUI:

Power Query formula language is Supreme to GUI. Actually, there are some features in Power Query engine that are not implemented through GUI yet but are made accessible through M (formula language)

PProcessing Repeated Tasks:

Power Query- The Power to take a once setup query and then processing the task repeatedly every time the Data changes

MModify existing queries:

Just specify from where your Data is coming from, the Power Query Editor Widow will make Transformations to the data

Modify existing queries. Refresh your Output Tables with the result or the Updated Data

SSplit/Remove Columns and Rows:

The Report Data can be transformed. You can split Columns, remove rows and Unpivot Data

And Power query can handle everything in the same process

MMerge and join Tables:

With Power Query you can Merge and Join Tables with Power Query. Magical alternative to VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH

CCombine multiple tables:

With the Append feature of Power Query, you get to combine multiple tables and create a large one

N No- Coding knowledge: 

You do not need to know how to Code if you’re using Power Query. Click and apply filters as you do in Excel

CCreate Custom Functions: 

Create Custom Functions by Programming your Power Query. Isn’t it a cherry pie if it lets you transform your Data in whatever way possible?

RRecords Steps:

Saves your priceless time by Recording your steps so that you don’t have to repeat the task again and again

EError handling:

Error handling is also done well. If anything is wrong with the Data and a step is broke, Power Query will fix it

DDefine descriptors:

You can define descriptors for the data structure.  Power Query will search through the Data Catalog and then fetch the information based on it.

Automatically clean your Data with Power Query

Before Power Query

How to sort data in Excel

Data Cleaning Arrow

After Power Query

Sorted Data

Power Query Supported Version
Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016

Power Query Versions

8 reasons why you should choose Power Query Online Course:

#1 Using Power Query to Convert the Financial Statement Data into a Table

#2 Converting the Payroll Data into a Tabular format with Power Query

#3 How to pull Stacked Data from the Address Book to the Excel?

#4 How to apply Multiple filters on single column using Merge Query Option

#5 How to Convert a Row data set into a Tabular Format using Power Query?

#6 How to get data from Multiple lookup Values using Power Query

#7 Invoice/Order data Modeling (Converting Pivoted Data using Unpivot Function) with Power Query

#8 Shape and Combine Data from Multiple Sources in Power Query. Here, Sales analysis using MaxIF, MinIF,

Power Query Preview Video


Who is the Instructor?

  • Instructor Introduction

How to Consolidate and Append Data

  • How to Append Multiple Worksheets within the same Excel file
  • How to find the Relationship between Append, Duplicate/Replicate and Referencing of multiple Queries
  • Learn about Importing data from files in a folder
  • Learn about Importing data from multiple excel files in a folder
  • How to create Dynamic List of files stored in a folder
  • How to Change the file path for source data

The beauty of Power Query

  • Understanding What is Power Query. Why to learn Power Query and what is Covered in Power Query

How to Import Data from External Data Sources into Power Query

  • How to Import Data from Excel File
  • How to Import Data from another files and folders

Loading and Refreshing Data

  • How to load and Refresh a query as per Data Modeling

Define the multiple Transformation Steps

  • How to do Column Transformation in Power Query
  • How to do Row Transformation in Power Query

How to do in built transformation in Power Query

  • How to do Text Transformation
  • How to do Numbers transformation
  • How to do Date transformation
  • How to do Conditional Column transformation

How to use Merge feature to combine Multiple Joins in Power Query

  • What are the Multiple JOINS in power query
  • What are the Different Joins in Power Query
  • Learn how to create a Cross Joins and Cartesian Product Joins
    with Power Query

Fundamentals of M: The Formula Language for Power Query

  • Learn what are the roots of M, the Formula Language/ Power Query Formula Syntax
  • Learn about the Text functions in Power Query
  • Learn about the Date functions in Power Query
  • Learn about the Conditional Functions in Power Query

Case Studies

  • Using Power Query to Convert the Financial Statement Data into a Table
  • Converting the Payroll Data into a Tabular format with Power Query
  • How to pull Stacked Data from the Address Book to the Excel?
  • How to apply Multiple filters on single column using Merge Query Option
  • How to Convert a Row data set into a Tabular Format using Power Query?
  • How to get data from Multiple lookup Values using Power Query
  • Invoice/Order data Modeling (Converting Pivoted Data using Unpivot Function) with Power Query
  • Shape and Combine Data from Multiple Sources in Power Query. Here, Sales analysis using MaxIF, MinIF,

Power Query Objects

  • List all the object and functions in Power Query and how it can be used
  • How to Record as object and details about the Record functions in Power Query
  • Table & other objects and Table functions in Power Query
  • Quick Recap on What are the Power Query Objects

Advanced Case Studies

  • Learning to Extract only relevant data in Power Query
  • How to Create a dynamic Calendar table
  • Mode of Calculating and finding Individual sales to total sales percentage
  • How to apply Multiple filters on single column


  • What are the Conditional Functions?
  • Using the Extract & Transform Column


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How does it work?

The process is really smooth. After enrolling for the Course, you’ll get a link. With the given link you can register for the course. Enjoy lifetime access and support with the course. Watch the video courses 24×7 as per your interest.



Why You should watch Power Query Course?

  1. To understands the real-world data problems
  2. Easy demonstration of the concepts that you can follow along with
  3. Practical Scenarios that will help you learn from the Practical Solutions
  4. Power Query sharpens your data manipulation skills which will save you a lot of time

Why Should I Purchase?

  1. Power Query helps the business users use the new technology and solve Business problems
  2. The training is all “example based” using relevant real time scenarios to teach you the tricks
  3. This will greatly assist your learning
  4. You will have Lifetime access to the online video Tutorials. So, if you want to watch it again and again even that is fine.  This will greatly assist your learning
  5. Buy the course and get immediate access to the Video Tutorial. You can start-learning Power Query at any point of time as per your wish
  6. Get Power Query Certification once you’ve Completed the course

Why you should learn Power Query?

Power Query can be useful for you if:

  1. You work with data on daily basis
  2. You are fond of building dashboards and you need Multiple Dashboards for your Business
  3. You perform extensive data cleansing before your perform Data analysis
  4. You need to import data for reporting from different sources
  5. You create Management Information Systems (MIS) reports on regular Basis
  6. You’re a part of any BI Project. You’re employed for any Data Analytics Projects / Power BI / Tableau / Business Intelligence Projects?
  7. You deal with complex Data Structure. For e.g. Advanced Excel formulas / Excel VBA coding (macros) or SQL?

What are the Other Benefits of Power Query Course:

  1. Filters the Unwanted Data
  2. Delete / sort rows, columns or blanks
  3. Transforms text, date columns and numeric values
  4. Removes spaces and special characters present in your data
  5. Sets a tabular format layout which is Supports working in Pivot Tables
  6. Merge / consolidate / appends data from Text files, CSV files or database tables

This Course will help you become Proficient in utmost important Power Query Features.

It will help you convert dirty and messy data into clean data.  This Feature helps in: Data Analytics/ Business Intelligence or Data Visualization Software.

Who is the target audience?

  1. If you’re an Advanced Excel user who’re using Data Analytics in Excel. If you’re a Financial Analysts using Excel or if you use Power Pivot, Power BI, Tableau, Python and R.
  2. If you’re a Business Intelligence Specialist, who wants to Fetch data from different sources and transform it for further analysis
  3. If you wish to you master Power Query features from scratch
  4. If you’re an IT specialist who uses ‘Extract Transform & Load’ i.e.  (ETL) activity for your business.
  5. If you’re an Excel User performing Data Cleansing or Data Transformation or if you
  6. If you’re a Power BI Desktop user
  7. If you’re involved in Extensive Data Wrangling Process
  8. If you use VLOOKUP to consolidate Data in Excel
  9. Professionals working in the corporate world. The one who aims to leverage Excel for increased productivity and data management.
  10. If you’re hoping for Career Change apply for a new job

What will I get if I pay for this course?

If you pay for this course, you will have access to:

  1. Detailed knowledge about all the features and content of Power Query you wanted to learn
  2. A Course Completion Certificate of Power Query which will help you stand out in the Crowd
  3. You get to add a Brand-new skill set into your Previous skill
  4. You’ll be able to add the Skillset into your LinkedIn profile

What is the refund policy?

If you’re not Completely Satisfied with the Course, you will be eligible for a full refund. For this, you’ll have to cancel in within 30 Days.

Can I enroll now but start the course later when I have time?

Yes. You can go through this course as per your Convenience, whenever you have time. This is a self-paced course where you can learn at your own speed.

Do I need any prior knowledge of Power Query to take this course?

No Prior Power Query Knowledge. Some Basic Excel wisdom would be good to go.  Simply enroll and benefit from this course.

What version of Excel I need to have to use this course?

  • Power Query is available for Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • It’s available only for Windows and not for Mac
  • For Excel 2010/2013, you need to download the official Power Query plugin for FREE.
  • For Excel 2016, you already have the built-in Power Query (it’s called Get & Transform).

Do I get a course completion certificate?

Yes! You will get the Course Completion certificate in the PDF Format once you’re done with the Course.

Do I get access to future videos that are added to the course?

Yes! You get a lifetime access which includes all the future videos and Bonus that are added to the course at a later date.