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In this PowerPoint Online Course, you will learn Speedy tricks of Navigation, Formatting, Alignment, and Shapes in PowerPoint Presentations. It also includes topics such as Motion Path Animation & Button Triggers, Dissembling the Objects. It helps you to build charts like Tornado, Ringed, Gantt, butterfly, and many more.

PowerPoint Online Course

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PowerPoint Online Course is a one-stop solution for all your PowerPoint related Problems. Keeping all the industry requirements in mind, we have developed this course, which will help you to understand and implement important tools and techniques.

This course is designed in a way that even a beginner will be able to catch up.

This PowerPoint Online Course includes the most beginner topics like accelerating your Navigation, Alignment, and Formatting speed in your PPT, Editing the pictures used in PPT. It also includes the simplest forms of Visual Effects to high-end Motion Path Animations with top-notch Visual Effects Like Highlighters, De-highlighters, Magnifier, Layers, etc.

It includes the best industry demand practices of preparing Investor Presentations, Research Reports, and Pitchbooks. It takes you to the level where you will be able to build the best in industry presentations.

PowerPoint Tutorial Course Online

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Entry Level (0-3 years) US$ $50k-75k
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International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts a need by 2019 for 181,000 people with deep analytical skills,

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In this PowerPoint Online Course, we have applied a step by step learning approach from the very basic to intermediate to advances learning approach. We know what the other courses lack because we have performed full-fledged market research for years, and our expert team has the knack to find out the critical areas for what the learners are looking for in an Online PowerPoint Course from their incredible experience.

This Power Point Online Course is divided into three categories:

  • Beginners – For Easy to Learn and Apply
  • Intermediate – To Design Mini Projects
  • Advanced – For Ninja level Project Design Presentations

Beginner Skills

  • Speed Tricks (Formatting, Navigation, Alignment, Shapes) in PPT
  • Use and edit pictures in PPT
  • Simple Visual Effects in PPT

Intermediate Skills

  • Motion Path Animation and Button Triggers
  • Visual Effects: Magnifier, Highlighters
  • De-highlighters, Cutouts, Layers
  • Industry Best Practices – Research
  • Reports, Pitchbooks, Investor Presentations

Advanced Skills

  • De-Assembling Objects
  • Topic Trackers
  • Presenter’s Secrets
  • New Charts – Tornado, Ringed, Gantt, Butterfly

What you’ll learn in this PowerPoint Online Course?

  • Quick Tour for Beginners
  • Slide Background (Color & Picture)
  • Slide Header n Footer
  • QAT and Alt Key tricks
  • Learn to Draw Symmetrical Shapes, Cloning with Auto Alignment, Lock Drawing Mode, Highlighter, and De highlighter.
  • Learn shortcuts for Rotate, Resize, Copy and Paste Formats, duplicate shortcuts, redo the last action.
  • Learn Group, ungroup and Scribble
  • Eyedropper (Color Picker)
  • Learn Smart Art Trick
  • Learn Magnifier Effects in Detail
  • Learn basics of Alignment, slide Alignment, Align Selected Objects, align using Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), vertically placed pictures, horizontally placed pictures and with Smart Guides & Rotate
  • Learn to De-Assemble SmartArt, Charts, Tables
  • Learn Slide Master and create Topic Tracker
  • Learn Slideshow Shortcut
  • Learn LIVE magnification, Flat Icons, Google Recommended Color Combinations, Inspiration for Illustrations
  • Learn working with Picture Pop-Up Effect, Compressing Picture size, Layering, Picture Effects, picture with Text for Section Headers and Visuals to add Punch
  • Working with Tables to Edit the Design & Layout and Adding Impacts
  • Learn text editing shortcuts like Resize, Change Case, Alignment, Replace Fonts and working with Text Paragraphs
  • Learn Trouble Shooting a PDF and Copy – Paste issues
  • Learn about creating a Hyperlink, Symbol-based bullets, Embedded Video, Password Protection
  • Learn about presenting views and print settings
  • Learn about Animation basics, Slide Transition Basics, Motion Path Animation, Animating Charts, Button Triggered Animation – Vector Map, Charts
  • Learn about Rotating Gear Animation and Creating Blinking Dot GIF
  • Learn about Chart Settings, Trendline with Column Chart, Thermometer Chart, 2 Axis chart with Ghost Lines, Horizontal Bar Chart, 100% Stacked Bar Chart, Ringed Doughnut chart, Radar or Spider Chart, Gantt Chart, Charts Aesthetics, Tornado, and Butterfly Chart
  • Super Tips and Tricks

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Course Preview Video

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Giovanna Bucci

Giovanna Bucci
Personal & Team Assistant | Digital Assistant at MACFIN Management Consultants, Italy

“Yoda Learning courses are very useful. I learned a lot of tricks! Thank you so much.”

Alan Best
Production and Quality Manager at Accu-tec, Kentucky

“Thank you. I love your website (I use it daily to answer questions) Thanks for providing such a valuable resource.”


Rajesh Dhoot
Head-Cement Sales Accounts at Chettinad cement, Tamil Nadu, India

“I thought you knew me and my problems – You solved the exact problem which I face at my office in your Yoda Learning course.”


Cesar Lujan
TR LEADER LATAM BENEFIT at Johnson & Johnson, Colombia

“The course is great to have a grasp about Excel Tips & Tricks and Shortcuts.”

CA Durgesh Agarwal
Finance Manager at Rays Power Experts Private Limited, India

“I am enjoying the Yoda Learning online Videos very much and some of the tricks really saved my time a lot!”

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What you will get in this PowerPoint Online Course?
  • Case Study - Please Download
  • Section 01: Warm Up
  • 0101 Quick Tour for Beginners
  • 0102 Slide Background (Color & Picture)
  • 0103 Slide Header n Footer
  • Section 02: Evergreen Shortcut
  • 0201 QAT and Alt KeyTips
  • Section 03: Working with Shapes
  • 0301 Basics
  • 0302 Drawing Symmetrical Shapes
  • 0303 Cloning Shapes with Auto Alignment
  • 0304 Drawing in Lock Drawing Mode
  • 0305 Highlighter
  • 0306 De Highlighter
  • 0307 Rotate Shortcut
  • 0308 Resize Shortcut
  • 0309 Copy Paste Format
  • 0310 Duplicate Shortcut
  • 0311 Redo or Repeat last action Shortcut
  • 0312 Group & UnGroup Shortcut
  • 0313 Scribble
  • 0314 Eyedropper (Color Picker)
  • Section 04: SmartArt trick
  • 0401 Converting Multiple Pictures in SmartArt
  • 0402 Converting Bullet Point Text in SmartArt
  • Section 05: Magnifier effect
  • 0501 Magnifier - A Quick Demo
  • 0502 Magnifier Method 1 - for 2007
  • 0503 Magnifier Method 2 - for 2010 & above
  • 0504 Magnifier - Map 1
  • 0505 Magnifier - Map 2
  • 0506 Magnifier - Software Screenshot
  • 0507 Magnifier - Special Trick
  • Section 06: Aligning Objects
  • 0601 Alignment - A Quick Demo
  • 0602 Align to Slide
  • 0603 Align Selected Objects
  • 0604 Align using Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  • 0605 Align vertically placed pictures
  • 0606 Align horizontally placed pictures
  • 0607 Align Exercise
  • 0608 Align with SmartGuides & Rotate
  • Section 07: De-Assembling Objects
  • 0701 De Assembling SmartArt
  • 0702 De Assembling Charts
  • 0703 De Assembling Tables
  • Section 08: Slide Master with Topic Tracker
  • 0801 Slide Master - Introduction
  • 0802 Topic Tracker - A Quick Demo
  • 0803 Creating a Topic Tracker
  • Section 09: Key Slideshow Shortcuts
  • 0901 Slideshow Shortcut 01
  • 0902 Slideshow Shortcut 02
  • Section 10: Presenter's Secret
  • 1001 LIVE magnification
  • 1002 Flat Icons
  • 1003 Google recommended color combinations
  • 1004 Inspiration for Illustrations
  • 1005 HD Images (free)
  • Section 11: Working with Pictures
  • 1101 Picture Pop-Up Effect 01
  • 1102 Picture Pop-Up Effect 02
  • 1103 Compressing pictures' size
  • 1104 Layering
  • 1105 Picture Effects
  • 1106 Picture with Text for Section Headers
  • 1107 Using Visuals to add Punch
  • Section 12: Working with Tables
  • 1201 Editing Design & Layout 01
  • 1202 Editing Design & Layout 02
  • 1203 Adding Impact 01
  • 1204 Adding Impact 02
  • 1205 Adding Impact 03
  • Section 13: Text Editing Shortcuts
  • 1301 Resize
  • 1302 Change Case
  • 1303 Alignment
  • 1304 Replace Fonts
  • 1305 Working with Text Paragraph 01
  • 1306 Working with Text Paragraph 02
  • Section 14: Copying from PDF
  • 1401 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 01
  • 1402 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 02
  • 1403 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 03
  • 1404 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 04
  • 1405 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 05
  • Section 15: Miscl Tricks
  • 1501 Hyperlink
  • 1502 Symbol-based Bullets
  • 1503 Embedding Video
  • 1504 Password Protection
  • Section 16: Views & Printing
  • 1601 Presentation Views & Print Settings 01
  • 1602 Presentation Views & Print Settings 02
  • Section 17: Animation & Transition
  • 1701 Animation Basics 01 - Pics
  • 1702 Animation Basics 02 - Pics
  • 1703 Animation Basics 01 - Text
  • 1704 Animation Basics 02 - Text
  • 1705 Slide Transition Basics - 01
  • 1706 Motion Path Animation
  • 1707 Animating Charts - Basics
  • 1708 ButtonTriggerred Animation - Basics
  • 1709 ButtonTriggerred Animation - Vector Map
  • 1710 ButtonTriggerred Animation - Chart
  • 1711 Rotating Gear - Animation
  • 1712 Blinking Dot (GIF)
  • Section 18: Charts
  • 1801 Charts - Basic Setting 01
  • 1802 Charts - Basic Setting 02
  • 1803 Trendline with Column Chart
  • 1804 Thermometer Chart 01
  • 1805 Thermometer Chart 02
  • 1806 2 axis Chart with Ghostlines
  • 1807 Horizontal Bar Chart
  • 1808 100% Stacked Bar Chart
  • 1809 Waterfall Chart - A Quick Demo
  • 1810 Waterfall Chart - Logic
  • 1811 Waterfall Chart - Exercise 01
  • 1812 Waterfall Chart - Exercise 02
  • 1813 Combo Stacked Dual-axis Chart
  • 1814 100% Stacked Column Chart
  • 1815 Ringed Doughnut Chart
  • 1816 Radar or Spider Chart
  • 1817 Gantt Chart
  • 1818 Charts Aesthetics - 7 tips
  • 1819 Case Study - NBFS Company 01
  • 1820 Case Study - NBFS Company 02
  • 1821 Tornado / Butterfly Chart
  • Section 19: Webinar
  • 1901 Maersk report analysis

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What Student’s Say?

The Course instructors at Yoda Learning are at Par. My only Weakness till date was Excel which is long gone now. Not only I’ve learned about Excel but I can confidently do VBA Coding and automate my Regular Excel Tasks. A colleague of mine made me watch a Couple of your Videos where you have taught Excel Tricks. And since it had a Lifetime Support it really motivated me to take your Course. Thank you so much for delivering your Best knowledge.

Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas
Sr. Consultant

I have all the courses from Yoda Learning. I consider it as one of the best platforms in making Learning easier for its Learners. The Courses here are comprehensive and one of the easiest Courses on the Online Platform in recent times. Professionally explained. I love the takeaways from the Course. It’s amazing especially the Money back Guarantee which gives you the Confidence to take the course.

Barbara Pern
Data Analysis


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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What are the specialties of PowerPoint Course of Yoda Learning?

• At Yoda Learning, we have designed the course keeping in mind the necessities of every person who aspires to learn this PowerPoint Course in mind.
• Our team of experts has covered all the necessary topics to make you excel in presentations and can apply all your knowledge to start from the basics to advanced.
• Our learning curve is excellent to pick up for anyone.
• The course instructor has many years of teaching experience to professionals, students and even the executive level people in all prestigious organizations. Thus, with so much expertise, our instructor knows the best way to make this course most beneficial for you.

Do you provide a Demo Session before Enrollment?

No, but you can call at our office on 80800 42523 or visit our website https://yodalearning.com/ to know more about it.

How long will we have access to this PowerPoint Course?

At Yoda Learning, we believe that learning is never enough for one time. Thus, we give you lifetime access to any course you buy.
We always keep our courses updated to the recent discoveries and versions so that you do not have to go anywhere else and check the new ad-on we include from time to time.

Will I be able to share this course and course-related materials with other individuals?

When you are investing in a course as an individual, we have designed it accordingly to be used by only one person. Our advice is to use the course for individual use only.
For learning this course for a group of people, we may arrange a classroom training for a better understanding.

What payment options are available?

Yoda Learning accepts all modes of payment so that you can pay your fees through net banking, credit/debit cards, and through some other electronic mode of payments.

Will I get a Certificate for PowerPoint completion Course?

You will get the certification of completing the PowerPoint Online Course. This certificate will be sent to you in your registered mail id. You can download this certificate.

How will I verify my PowerPoint skills after the Course?

We make not only sure to teach the skills up to mark of excellence but also make sure that you can apply it and verify them by your own. To serve this purpose, we have included some practice case study files in the course curriculum. These self-practice files will give you the satisfaction of verifying your newly acquired skills.

What if I encounter difficulty during the PowerPoint Course?

We are here to solve your every query or difficulty. You can call us at any time or drop us with an email to serve you with the possible solutions. We have a huge community on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram; you can get your queries solved with you fellow learners as well.

Explain the refund Policy.

If you subscribe to our course and then not able to get satisfied with our content, we will immediately refund you within 30 days.

Is Financial aid available?

Sorry, currently, we are not providing any financial aid, but you can contact to many other sources that provide financial aid to learning inspired students.

Do you provide any support?

Yes, we are having 24X7 support mechanism. You can reach out to us by phone call or by dropping an email. You can join the community on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram to learn from your fellow learners and can even solve your queries.

Do you provide EMI options or Scholarships?

EMI option and Scholarships definitely help a lot for learning but unfortunately, we do not have such kind of arrangements. You can rather approach to different trusted institutions to help you with the EMI option or can help with the scholarships.

How can I pay for this PowerPoint Online Course?

You can pay online with any nationalized bank’s Debit or Credit card. You can even pay us via digital wallets such a PayPal.

How can you say that my working skills will Improve after taking this PowerPoint Online Course?

Learning Powerpoint increases spontaneity and interactivity, and our tutorials will empower you with PowerPoint tips and tricks based on real issues faced by 1000s of students we have taught. This advanced PowerPoint tutorials after so many years of research and hundreds of hours of PowerPoint training. You will see the difference in your skills in real-time also you will be master in the editing view.

How much time does it require to complete this PowerPoint Online Course?

This is a fast-paced, lean PowerPoint training program of about 105+ videos from basics to Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials. Watch the preview of PowerPoint videos get a flavour of the program’s uniqueness and relevance. Online PowerPoint course may not be your first preference. But I promise this – After watching the 3 videos, this course will give a tough fight to your usual classroom PowerPoint Training.

Yoda learning Student

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