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I would like to tell you that I am very impressed with your courses so far – I particularly like the short videos that allow me to get to a topic quickly and then move on (your competitors mostly offer 20-30 min videos which is a bit much to keep one’s attention span). The other gem in your training are the shortcuts, I found no other course with the same insights.

Peter Klugsberger
ex-McKinsey & Co. served various senior roles (CEO, COO) in various companies

Because I use spreadsheets daily, I’m often using the Shift+down arrow to highlight and then manipulate data. Of course, this takes FOREVER! As I am advancing in my role at work, it is very important for me to learn more advanced Excel skills. I chose this video b/c it was short and condensed. I could literally watch it on my breaks at work and then use it right away. I really like that. Well done!

Barbara Jones
Finance Professional

I’ve been using Pivot Tables for a couple of years, so was expecting most of this to be familiar. But this course proved me wrong. From simple tips and keyboard shortcuts, to whole features I never knew existed, I constantly found myself muttering things like “oh wow, I had no clue about that”. Things that I can actually put into practice in my job. It’s a great feeling. Kudos to the team on a great course

Peter Thomas
Accounting Professional

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Basics of Formatting - 7.5 mins

  • Basics of Font Formatting – Part 1
  • Basics of Font Formatting – Part 2
  • Basics of Line and Para Spacing
  • Basics of Page Layout
  • Basics of Borders and Shading

Bullet Points - 9 mins

  • Basics of Bullet Points
  • How to convert boring bullet points into a SmartArt
  • How to create Multi-level numbered bullet points
  • Shortcut to apply and remove bullet points
  • How to add Symbols to bullet points

Headers and Footers - 9 mins

  • Basics of Header and Footer
  • Insert the date or time in a Header or Footer
  • Insert the Company logo in a Header
  • Add dynamic page numbering – Page X of Y
  • Troubleshoot – Header and Footer area is not visible

Table Tricks - 42 mins

  • Basics of Table formatting
  • How to equally distribute rows height
  • How to equally distribute columns width
  • Practice Project – Table Tricks
  • How to add numbers in columns in a Word table
  • Shortcut to Split a table into two separate tables
  • Exercise – Split a table into two separate tables
  • Repeat table headers on every page
  • Troubleshoot – Repeat Table Rows isn’t working
  • Basics of Table Borders and Shading
  • Cell Shading with Pattern
  • Access Borders and Shading settings faster
  • Sort Table columns in a Table – Part 1
  • Sort Table columns in a Table – Part 2
  • Sort Table columns in a Table – Part 3
  • Quick Tables – Reusable Table templates
  • Convert Table text to regular text
  • Convert Text to Table
  • How to Indent an Entire Table with precision
  • How to merge cells 10x faster using Eraser tool
  • Save Table to Quick Tables Gallery for reuse
  • Delete Table from Quick Tables Gallery
  • Using Symbols inside a Table to visually represent numbers

Find and Replace - 15 mins

  • Basics of Find and Replace – Part 1
  • Basics of Find and Replace – Part 2
  • Shortcut to find highlighted text
  • Shortcut to find a word across pages
  • Advanced Tricks of Find and Replace – Part 1
  • Advanced Tricks of Find and Replace – Part 2
  • How to Remove Double Spaces
  • Find all the Tables in a document

Shortcuts and Formatting Tricks - 73 mins

  • Shortcut to add current Date and Time
  • Change the case of the text
  • Using ALT to activate universal shortcut keytips
  • How to easily access regularly used features through QAT
  • Shortcut to Undo and Redo action
  • Shortcuts to clear text and paragraph formatting
  • Using Notepad to clean the text copied
  • Shortcut to Quickly delete text
  • Shortcut to Increase / Decrease Indent
  • Shortcut to Manual Line Break
  • Shortcut to Hide / Unhide the Ribbon
  • Format Painter Tricks
  • Shortcut to Copy and Paste Format
  • Why do we use Paste Special
  • Shortcuts to Paste Special
  • Use Clipboard to save time
  • Shortcut to Keep related words on the same line
  • Shortcut to Change font size
  • Alignment & Text Direction tricks
  • Why should you use Page Break
  • Wrap Text to place pictures correctly along side text
  • How to add a horizontal line fast
  • How to delete the mysterious horizontal line
  • Magic Trick to Hide and Unhide Text
  • Find more about the formatting applied
  • Split a Paragraph in multiple columns
  • How to Stop a Paragraph from Splitting Between Pages
  • Insert a screenshot or screen clipping
  • Reduce file size if HD pictures used
  • Select Text Vertically
  • Watermark
  • Convert PDF to Word PPT and Excel
  • Use AutoCorrect Options to auto complete words
  • Use Portrait and Landscape layout in the same document
  • How to reuse images and text using Quick Parts
  • Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes

Rulers and Margins - 7.5 mins

  • Basics of Rulers and Margins
  • Understanding Rulers and Margins in detail

Navigation, Bookmark and Hyperlink - 6.9 mins

  • Basics of Navigation Pane
  • Navigating across Headings using Navigation Pane
  • Basics of Bookmark
  • Using Hyperlink with Bookmark

Styles and Table of Contents - 13.7 mins

  • Why should you use Styles for formatting?
  • How to use Styles?
  • Create Table of Contents

Essential Printing tricks - 6.6 mins

  • Essential Print Settings
  • Shortcut to Print Preview
  • How to print on legal stamp papers

Automating Office Tasks - 11.5 mins

  • Mail Merge
  • How to create a Fillable Form

Track Changes & Comments - 24.4 mins

  • Why should you use Track Changes?
  • How to turn the Track Changes ON / OFF?
  • Reviewing Pane
  • Mark-up view and Revisions
  • Customize Track Changes options
  • Add Track Changes Button to Status Bar
  • Accept and Reject changes of multiple reviewers fast
  • Prevent others from disabling Track Changes using Lock Tracking
  • Add and Delete Comments
  • Enable Comments only edit mode
  • Using Comments and Track Changes together

Writing better - 11.2 mins

  • How to use Thesaurus to write better?
  • How can “Readability Statistics” help to write better?

Read lengthy documents with ease - 6.8 mins

  • How to read lengthy documents using Split Window
  • How to read lengthy documents using multiple Windows

Backup, Recovery and Protection - 10 mins

  • Recover Text from a Corrupted Word Document
  • Force Word to Repair a Damaged File
  • How to Change the auto-save Interval
  • Find and Recover temporary autosave files
  • How to create an auto-backup copy
  • Prevent changes to the final version of a document

Compare documents - 8.4 mins

  • Compare two versions of the same document – Why and How?
  • Accept / Reject changes using right click
  • Show compare windows
  • Compare feature won’t work if protection enabled

Macros for Word - 23.5 mins

  • Activate Developer tab (for Macros)
  • How to record / run a VBA Macro and how to view the VBA Macro code (Example 1)
  • How to record / run a VBA Macro and how to view the VBA Macro code (Example 2)
  • Demo – How to avoid pressing Del & Spacebar multiple times to clean the text
  • Solution – How to avoid pressing Del & Spacebar multiple times to clean the text
  • Logic – How to avoid pressing Del & Spacebar multiple times to clean the text
  • Create Macros – How to avoid pressing Del and Spacebar multiple times to clean the text
  • View / Edit the Macro code from Visual Basic Editor (VBE)
  • Watching VBA Macro code getting recorded LIVE

New in 2016

  • New Feature 2016 – Tell Me assistant

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