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I would like to tell you that I am very impressed with your courses so far – I particularly like the short videos that allow me to get to a topic quickly and then move on (your competitors mostly offer 20-30 min videos which is a bit much to keep one’s attention span). The other gem in your training are the shortcuts, I found no other course with the same insights.

Peter Klugsberger
ex-McKinsey & Co. served various senior roles (CEO, COO) in various companies

Because I use spreadsheets daily, I’m often using the Shift+down arrow to highlight and then manipulate data. Of course, this takes FOREVER! As I am advancing in my role at work, it is very important for me to learn more advanced Excel skills. I chose this video b/c it was short and condensed. I could literally watch it on my breaks at work and then use it right away. I really like that. Well done!

Barbara Jones
Finance Professional

I’ve been using Pivot Tables for a couple of years, so was expecting most of this to be familiar. But this course proved me wrong. From simple tips and keyboard shortcuts, to whole features I never knew existed, I constantly found myself muttering things like “oh wow, I had no clue about that”. Things that I can actually put into practice in my job. It’s a great feeling. Kudos to the team on a great course

Peter Thomas
Accounting Professional

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Course Curriculum

Introduction - 2 mins

  • Promo Visio

Get Started with Visio 2016 (22 minutes)

  • What is new in Visio 2016
  • Get started and tour the Launch Screen
  • Understanding Visio Interface
  • Modify the Ribbon and Quick Access toolbar Part 1
  • Modify the Ribbon and Quick Access toolbar Part 2
  • Select view options

Create Connected Diagrams (22 minutes)

  • Use SmartShapes from a stencil
  • Arrange the top four SmartShapes on a stencil
  • Connect shapes manually
  • Insert and delete connected SmartShapes
  • Organize SmartShapes with Auto Align & Space
  • Rearrange connected diagrams with Re-Layout Page

Add Additional Objects to Diagrams (13 minutes)

  • Insert text-related objects
  • Insert foreground and background pages
  • Border and Titles
  • Insert containers and callouts

Publish Diagrams to Various Outputs (7 minutes)

  • Print diagrams and Publish a diagram to PDF
  • Save diagrams to JPG or GIF files or the web using HTML

Work with Layers (8 minutes)

  • What are layers in Visio
  • Create remove and assign to layers
  • Manage layer settings

Flow Chart (19 minutes)

  • Introduction to Cross Function Flow Chart
  • Cross Function Flow Chart Diagram
  • Cross Function Flow Chart Sections
  • WorkFlow Diagram Introduction
  • WorkFlow Diagram
  • WorkFlow Diagram 3D

Business (47 minutes)

  • Getting started with Organisation Chart
  • Organization Chart
  • Organization Chart Other stencils
  • Organization Chart Wizard from excel file
  • Organization Chart Wizard
  • Organization Chart Wizard with Images
  • Organization Chart Wizard into multiple pages
  • Organization Chart Wizard Formatting
  • Exporting data to excel in Organization Chart
  • Advance data graphic in Organization Chart
  • Brain Storming Diagram
  • Brain Storming Diagram examples Part 1
  • Brain Storming Diagram examples Part 2
  • Cause and Effect (Fish Bone) Diagram Intro
  • Cause and Effect (Fish Bone) Diagram
  • Six Sigma Diagram (House of Quality) Intro
  • Six Sigma Diagram (House of Quality)

Schedule (28 minutes)

  • Calendar Intro
  • Calendar
  • Gantt Chart
  • Time Line Introduction
  • Time Line A
  • Time Line B
  • PERT Chart Introduction
  • PERT Chart

Software and Database (7 minutes)

  • UML Sequence
  • Wireframe Diagram

Network Diagram (4 minutes)

  • Basic Network

Map and Floor Plan (13 minutes)

  • Home Plan Introduction
  • Home Plan
  • Office Layout
  • Floor Plan
  • Direction Map

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Frequently Ask Questions

What do you get in the course?

An accelerated, Practical approached Microsoft Visio 2016 Tutorials to teach you Skill needed to compete in competitive work environment
– Access to all MS Visio video tutorials 24 x 7 – learn Visio online from anywhere
– A 30-day money-back guarantee (we want you to be 100% satisfied with our Visio Online Training)

How much time required to complete Visio Training?

This is a fast-paced, lean excel training program of about 3:00 hours with videos from basics to Microsoft Visio 2016 Tutorials. Watch the preview of Visio videos get a flavor the program’s uniqueness and relevance. Online Visio course may not be your first preference. But I promise this – After watching videos, this course will give a tough fight to your usual classroom Visio Training.

How can you say that my speed will improve?

Simple – My feedback form from each my corporate clients give me a rating between 4.3 to 5 (5 being the highest). I will empower you with Visio tips and tricks based on real issues faced by 1000s of students I teach. I created this Microsoft Visio 2016 tutorials after so many years of Hands-on training and Learning. You can also try the Excel Tutorial to improve your speed further.

How do I enroll for the Visio training online?

You can enroll for this Visio training online by just a click on Enroll Now button Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipts of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email.
– Visa/Master Card credit card
– Through PayPal

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