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I would like to tell you that I am very impressed with your courses so far – I particularly like the short videos that allow me to get to a topic quickly and then move on (your competitors mostly offer 20-30 min videos which is a bit much to keep one’s attention span). The other gem in your training are the shortcuts, I found no other course with the same insights.

Peter Klugsberger
ex-McKinsey & Co. served various senior roles (CEO, COO) in various companies

Because I use spreadsheets daily, I’m often using the Shift+down arrow to highlight and then manipulate data. Of course, this takes FOREVER! As I am advancing in my role at work, it is very important for me to learn more advanced Excel skills. I chose this video b/c it was short and condensed. I could literally watch it on my breaks at work and then use it right away. I really like that. Well done!

Barbara Jones
Finance Professional

I’ve been using Pivot Tables for a couple of years, so was expecting most of this to be familiar. But this course proved me wrong. From simple tips and keyboard shortcuts, to whole features I never knew existed, I constantly found myself muttering things like “oh wow, I had no clue about that”. Things that I can actually put into practice in my job. It’s a great feeling. Kudos to the team on a great course

Peter Thomas
Accounting Professional

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Introduction to Access (7 minutes)

  • Why MS-Access
  • Starting with MS-Access (Interface)
  • Data Types and Purpose

Table Objects: Basics (40 minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Sample Table
  • Adding, Editing and Deleting Records
  • Use of Autonumbers – Datasheet View
  • Table Properties and Custom Formatting
  • Set Field Validations
  • Other Field Properties
  • Import Data from Excel into a New Table
  • Append Data From Excel into an existing table
  • Table Sorting
  • Table Filtering
  • Exporting to Excel

QUERY Objects: Basics (38 minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Basic Queries
  • Query Criteria
  • Date Criteria
  • Using AND in Criteria
  • Using Or in Criteria
  • Using AND-OR in Criteria
  • Multiple AND and OR Example 2
  • Parameter Queries
  • Wild Card Operators
  • Like and Not Like Operator
  • And Operator
  • Or Operator
  • In and Not In Operator
  • Basic Calculated field
  • Using Date in Operators in calculation

REPORT Objects: Basics (9 minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Modifying the Report
  • Working with Controls, Report and Layout Views
  • Report Using Parameter Query in combination

FORM Objects: Basics (9 minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Form with the Form Table
  • Creating a Form with the Wizard From Table
  • Basic Formatting and Editing of layout

TABLE Objects: Advanced (35 minutes)

  • Using the Lookup Wizard
  • Setup Lookups Without the Wizard
  • Lookup Wizard Example 2
  • Advanced Sorting
  • Advanced Filter_Filter by Form
  • RDBMS between multiple Table a
  • RDBMS between multiple Table b
  • Printing RDBMS between multiple Tables
  • Create Linking table in different access as backhand data

QUERY Objects: Advanced (1 hours 13 minutes)

  • RDBMS Between tables
  • Primary Key
  • Join Types in RDBMS
  • Temporary Relationship between Tables
  • Permanent Relationship between Tables
  • Unmatch Query Wizard
  • Unmatch Query Using Query
  • IIF Calculated fields
  • Using TOP queries
  • Using TOTAL Queries (GroupBy)
  • Cross Tab Action Query
  • Make Table Action Query
  • Update Table Action Query
  • Delete Action Query
  • Append Table Action Query
  • Summary of all action Query in one process
  • RDBMS used for calculative field
  • Yearly Report using RDBMS with Parameter query
  • Unmatch Query Wizard
  • Unmatch Query Design

Report Objects: Advanced (7 minutes)

  • Add a Combo Box to Our Orders form
  • Setting the TAB Order and Using TAB Controls
  • Add a Subform
  • Change a Textbox into a ComboBox
  • Creating and Using Button Controls

Macros (16 minutes)

  • Introduction to Macro
  • Creating Simple Macro
  • Assigning Macro To Button
  • Building Macro Under Event
  • Macro to Open Report for Printing
  • Change tab Setting of MS Access

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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. To know more please go through our Refund Policy.

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