Excel VBA Tutorial

Learn Excel VBA Tutorial i.e. Programming Language with a practical approach
If you want to be a master in Excel VBA Programming language for Excel 2007, then our Excel VBA macro tutorial will make it easier for you to access it in Microsoft office application. Online Course on how to create excel vba macros and rule in excel.

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What is Excel VBA Tutorial?

VBA which stands for Visual Basic for Applications is the programming language of Excel. Computers and technical devices have their own language to understand the data processing. Although it is like us who need a language, i.e. a medium to talk to and converse.

VBA is the language which Excel understands and talks in. VBA is known and can be used as the Programming language for other Office programs i.e. (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access) as well. We always worry about learning new things thinking that it might be very difficult or we might get stuck somewhere. It is the same thing with learning a new language.

What Will I Learn? If I Enrolled in Excel VBA Course

 Learn how to automate Advanced Excel Macros in daily routine
 Learn how to put Excel on AUTOPILOT
 Will be able to take Excel Automation tasks for self as well as client
 Automate your work and the work for others
 Learn how to create vba macros using code
 Learn how to record and run Excel Macros in detail
 Learn to use Google search to automate your tasks without coding
 Learn to Color the code and Activating Edit Toolbar with Comments in Excel VBA Programming
 Understand RANGE & CELLS OBJECT in Excel VBA Macros
 Learn ABSOLUTE vs RELATIVE REFERENCE in Excel VBA Programming
 Make use of custom functions that can be run from things like a button on a spreadsheet, the Excel Ribbon

 Learn RANGE NAVIGATION in Excel Macros
 Learn Variable Declaration in Excel VBA Programming
 Learn how to Loop in Excel VBA
 Learn what is Events in Excel Macros
 Learn how to make Input Box and Message Box in Excel VBA Programming
 Learn how to Insert button under Developer Tab
 Learn how to make User Form in Excel VBA
 Learn what is UDF in Excel VBA Programming
 Won’t waste time in manipulating and repetitive formatting
 Use my excel file to send emails automatically (basically communicate with different tools)



Module 1: WARM UP – 10 MIN

Picture11 Excel VBA Module

With this Module, you’ll learn the Beginner level of tricks required to make any Presentation. You’ll get a proper Guidance on how to select and play right with the Colors and Pictures in a Presentation.

✔ Quick Tour for Beginners
✔ Slide Background (Color & Picture)
✔ Slide Header N Footer
✔ QAT and Alt Key tricks


Excel VBA Module 2

With this Module, you’ll learn what you gain if you run record your own Excel Macros i.e. vba tutorial. You even get to learn how to Record and Run Macros.

✔ Macros – Record & Run
✔ Macros – Viewing the code
✔ Macro-free vs. Macro-enabled Workbook
✔ Visual Basic Editor (VBE)
✔ Personal Macro WB
✔ Ways to Run a Macros


With this Module, you’ll learn the magic words you need to Google to get the VBA Code right. The technique that can be used to Customize the Macro Code.

  • Using Google to locate useful VBA codes – 1
  • Using VBE and Macro Recorder to customise Macro code
  • Using Google to locate useful VBA codes – 2


With this Module, you’ll learn about Objects and their Properties. Most of the programming languages today are Object-Based and these are mainly Object-Oriented Programming Languages. You’ll learn how these are used coupled with methods of Excel.

  • Objects, Properties, Values, Methods and Parameters 1
  • Objects, Properties, Values, Methods and Parameters 2


With this Module, you’ll learn that a workspace factory object can be a lot useful in creating new Workspace. Learn about the various editing methods to edit tools bars in Excel VBA.

  • Code Color & Activating Edit Toolbar w. Comments
  • Edit Toolbar – Indent, Bookmark
  • Code writing shortcuts incl. Intellisense
  • Testing the Code
  • Immediate Window 01


With this Module, you’ll learn How to use the Cell Property to select a Range. And that making use of Cells is actually useful when you wish to loop through ranges. You’ll learn about the different Range and Cell objects.

  • Range Selection – Method 1
  • Range Selection – Method 2 & 3
  • Advantage of Range Selection – Method 2 & 3
  • Range Selection (Rows & Columns) – Method 4
  • Assigning values to selected range of cells
  • Exercise 1 – Assigning values to selected range of cells
  • Exercise 2- Assigning values to selected range of cells
  • Multiple Range Selection – Method 5
  • Multiple Range Selection – Method 6
  • RangeSelectionWays – Others


With this Module, you’ll learn that while you record a cell could be made relative if there is a need to start Position or the absolute Address. Compares relative and absolute referencing while recording Excel VBA Macros. 

  • Offset – Basics
  • Using Relative Reference in Macros


Picture8 Excel VBA Module

With this Module, you’ll learn one of the best and common use object that is the Range object. You’ll learn about Navigation in between a Range of Cells.

  • Navigating between a Range of cells – Part 1
  • Navigating between a Range of cells – Part 2
  • Navigating between a Range of cells – Part 3
  • Exercise – Finding Last Row No.
  • Exercise – Finding Last Column No.
  • Exercise – Finding Next Row No.


With this Module, you’ll learn Variable Declaration. Variable Declaration helps the Macro to run Faster. It helps to use the memory effectively.

  • Variable Decl 01
  • Variable Decl 02
  • Pvt vs Public 01
  • Pvt vs Public 02
  • Option Explicit
  • Difference – DIM vs. SET

Module 10: LOOPS – 52 MINS

With this Module, you’ll learn about loops in VBA. Looping is known as one of the most Powerful Technique of Programming. 

  • “For…Next”
  • “If…Else…End If” nested within “For…Next”
  • “Do…While”
  • “Do…Until”
  • “For Each…Next”
  • “If…End If” nested within “For Each…Next”
  • Exercise – “Do While” and Loop Counter”
  • With…End With” – Example 1
  • “With…End With” – Example 2
  • “Select…Case” – Demonstration
  • “Select…Case” – Explanation


With this Module, you’ll learn The Technique to Speed up the Slow Excel VBA.  You’ll get the information to optimize VBA Code to speed up the running of Macros.

  • Speed up the code running – 1
  • Speed up the code running – 2
  • Speed up the code running – 3


With this Module, you’ll learn about tracking all the events in VBA. For example, if a user ever changes the selection. Also, tracking the Worksheet changes of event.in Excel VBA. 

  • Introduction
  • Events – Workbook_Open and Worksheet_Activate
  • Exercise 1 – Tracking Workbook Opens
  • Exercise 2 – Tracking Workbook Save
  • Event – Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick
  • Event – Worksheet_Change
  • Event – Worksheet_Calculate
  • Pivot Table – Refresh – WorkSheetActivate

Module 13: INPUT BOX – 23 MINS

With this Module, you’ll learn to use the INPUT BOX function in Excel VBA to initiate the Users in putting their input.

• Introduction
• Input Box – 1
• Input Box – 2
• Input Box – 3
• Input Box – 4

Module 14: MSG BOX – 16 MINS

With this Module, you’ll learn about the MSG BOX which is a Dialog Box in Excel VBA. You’ll learn to use the MSG BOX to inform users about your program.

  • Introduction
  • MsgBox – 1
  • MsgBox – 2
  • MsgBox – 3
  • MsgBox – 4


With this Module, you’ll learn to create ActiveX Controls in VBA. It helps to Overview Forms and even in Form Control.

  • Form Controls vs ActiveX Controls
  • MouseMove Event w. Appln Statusbar


With this Module, you’ll learn to make your own Functions. These Functions are called User Defined Functions. These are the Customize Excel Functions. These Codes allow you to take code from VBA and Rewrite it.

  • UDF Intro 001
  • UDF Example 1 – Score Result with IF END IF
  • UDF Example 2 – CellComments
  • UDF Samples – Series A
  • UDF Samples – Series B

Module 17: USER FORMS – 74 MINS

With this Module, you’ll learn to create USER FORMS, this is helpful in making the User’s Data Entry Controllable. User Form helps the users to use data Easily.

  • Introduction
  • User Form – Basics
  • Exercise – Part 1 of 4
  • Exercise – Part 2 of 4
  • Exercise – Part 3 of 4
  • Exercise – Part 4 of 4
  • Option Button – 1
  • Option Button – 2
  • Multi-Page – Introduction
  • Multi-Page – 1
  • Multi-Page – 2
  • Multi-Page – 3
  • Check Box 001
  • Combo Box – Method 1
  • Combo Box – Method 2

Module 18: MIS PROJECTS – 40 MINS

With this Module, if you’re a motivated individual then you’ll learn various Advanced Excel VBA Techniques while taking VBA MIS Training.


With this Module, you’ll learn Combining WSheets, this is explained with Real Life Projects.

  • Combine WSheets

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How does it work?

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Why invest in our Excel VBA Course?

Not every individual is well aware of the Excel VBA programming and its benefits.  Every Organization is battling for the Best and the Brightest Business Solution which can benefit their Firm and their Employees.  Excel VBA Course will help these Organizations to meet their desired goals and come up with Solutions that are easy to use. The tasks such as data-entry in spreadsheets, Report making and printing a PDF can be easily automated with Excel VBA. 

Imagine how incredible it would be to build a tool for your company that made everyone more efficient?

If you learn Coding, it has a low barrier to entry and opens up a plethora of potential career opportunities.

With our Excel VBA Course you’ll be able to:

Automate every task with Excel VBA:

Excel provides an intuitive interface to build VBA functions with the help of this you can automate almost everything that you do in Excel. No manual formatting or exporting data into Excel

Mine your Own Data:

You’ll be able to understand your Data better. You can understand your underlying data and what it means to your business. This will help you run your own queries and generate useful Reports for your Company

Create a tool for your team with VBA

Employees in an Organization share a lot of similar pain points. Excel VBA Program will help you to come up with an effective Solution to help y our Company.

Learning to code can both enhance your current skills and potentially open up another career path

Why to Choose Excel VBA for your Career?

Excel VBA Course will benefit the professionals as well as the non-Professionals. VBA is a Powerful Tool and an automated program which has made Excel’s work easy and quick. It can deal with complex excel programs. 

Educating Yourself about VBA Programming is the Best Decision.

The daily routine of most of the employees in any organization is to collect and present the data report.

Freshers and the Beginners have the chance here for Better Job. A non-technical person, if they take the Excel VBA training course, they’ll take time to understand VBA. Whereas, employees having a technical Background do not face this Problem and benefit the most from Excel VBA.

Learning VBA not only increases your chance to get a high paid job but will help you in securing a Good Job-Position. Excel VBA enables the Candidates to build simple and user-friendly programs. It also helps in performing tedious excel tasks.

Take Excel VBA Course and learn how Excel VBA solution can help you “fix” your company:

No wonder, it is the most Common tool in use in the organizations like banking, finance and textile etc.

Learn Excel VBA to do effective Data Management. It will help you enhance the computation and programming skills.

Learn about the essential advantages of Excel VBA Course:

Before you jump to Excel VBA Course, you need to learn few very important things:

If you’re able to Automate the tasks that you perform daily, you’ve already nailed in life. To know ‘How to Code’ is a Powerful Tool and an advantage for the employees.

If you know how to code, it somehow adds Superpowers in you.

Usually, the Business Organizations need a good software for Data Collection, Data Management and making Financial Reports.

You can manage data and finance using this Excel VBA Tool.

For more information on our range of Excel VBA, please see the VBA Course Online.

Unlike the traditional full-time course programs, Excel VBA Course Program is one of the Top Excel VBA Courses Online. It is customized as per the learning requirements. The Fees Structure of Excel VBA Program has Value for Money.

Here, you’ll be learning things that will help you perform better at your Workplace.

So, you don’t have to waste time on learning things that do not require your efforts.

Excel VBA Course, uses real-time scenarios, concepts and theories to explain many theoretical Concepts.

This helps in delivering a better understanding concept.

Visual Basic of application (VBA) helps to Automate Business Procedures. With VBA, you don’t need to retrieve valuable data from your desktop. It has the power to get you the access to the information no matter where you’re. 

It consolidates your data in the cloud. Excel VBA provides endless opportunities to build efficient business processes to do more with the data.

To learn more about the Excel VBA Course, enroll now!

This Tutorial on Excel VBA is for you if...

✓ If you have doing repetitive tasks i.e. making reports, dashboards or slides and looking for ways to automate your task.

✓ If you’ve been dealing with reports from ERP system and apply the same formulas each time to generate the results.

✓ If you want Excel to talk on cross-platforms with other Microsoft applications

✓ If You want to use Excel for complicated & demanding tasks.

✓ If you want to create worksheet object, merge the data from various sheets and do heavy calculations.

✓ If you want to create your own small programs beneficial to perform tedious tasks for excel and want to be a master at programing language. With the help of Visual Basic for Application i.e. VBA, you can also create range object in Excel

This Tutorial on Excel VBA is not for you if...

✓ Your usage of Excel is pretty simple or you use it rarely [I love you guys, but this course will not help you]

✓ If you do not like formulas and hate calculations and coding.

✓ Your level of expertise for Excel is less than Basic (You are not aware of the terms of data cleaning technique, Vlookup, filter, sort and cell referencing)

✓ Anyone who wants an instant result and wants to join the course without taking any action in practicality and won’t practice the working files on regular basis.

✓ If you’re not that person who understands programming and neither you’re interested to learn about it.

✓ If you’re not loaded with data management tasks and do not need to perform complicated and heavy calculative tasks in your everyday life.


How do I enroll for the Excel Visual basic for Applications tutorial?

Its simple to enroll for this VBA stands for Visual Basic applications or Excel VBA tutorial. Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email.
– Visa/Master Card credit card
– Through PayPal

What do you get in this Microsoft Excel VBA Tutorial?

  • An accelerated, Practical approached program to teach you
  • All VBA case studies related to videos and create simple macro
  • Access to all videos 24 x 7 – learn online from anywhere
  • Learning VBA will help you to understand Line of Code
  • A 30-day money back guarantee (we want you to be 100% satisfied)

Do I will get Excel VBA Course Completion Certificate ?

Yes, we offer course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program.

What will I be able to do after completing this Excel tutorials?

✓ Won’t waste time in manipulating and repetitive formatting

✓ Use my excel file to send emails automatically (basically communicate with different tools)

✓ Make use of custom functions that can be run from things like a button on a spreadsheet, the Excel Ribbon

How Much time to complete this excel vba tutorial for beginners?

This is a fast-paced, lean program of about 10 hrs 22 mins with videos around the programming language from basics to advance and case study. Watch the preview video to get a flavor the program’s uniqueness and relevance.

What if I’m unhappy with my course? Do I get a refund?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. To know more please go through our Refund Policy.

What if I have doubt or question?

This course entitles you for a lifetime support. Just send us your questions from your registered email address to [email protected] and we will back to you as fast as we can.

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