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Excel Dashboard Course includes types of dashboards from scratch with 100+ techniques. Dashboard fundamentals, Design tips, Data formats, Formatting, Data cleaning, Sparklines, Spider, waterfall and bubble charts, List- controlled graphs, pivot tables and dynamic functions.

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Levels of Excel Dashboard Course

Intermediate Skills

You will be able to implement mini projects
  • Importing Data from the Internet
  • Converting Line Item into a Currency Table
  • Calculation of Currency using INDEX and MATCH
  • AverageIF for calculating Country Wise Salary
  • Dynamic Dropdown
  • List longitude and latitude with plotting data on dashboard
  • Using REPT Function based on the percentage calculation
  • Advanced INDEX and MATCH with multiple references

Advanced Skills

Ninja-Level Skills
  • Preparing the base by removing duplicate for Dashboard
  • Implementation of OFFSET for dynamic data
  • Using macro to update pivot table based on the Job Type
  • Preparing data for Spiderweb chart and change the graph setting
  • Use of Array functions like MAXIF and MINIF with single and multiple parameters
  • Creating Name Range using shortcut and many more
  • Extract data from multiple sheet using OFFSET, INDIRECT and CELL
  • Button-controlled charts and spark lines

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Why do we need Excel Dashboard Course?

Excel Data: The Data in your Worksheet slowly gets bigger and messier.

When you’re dealing in a Business, you need to Understand your business needs such as:

  1. Working with math and calculations?
  2. How do you decide what metrics are relevant?
  3. How do you Check for the data adequacy?
  4. How to work on the Modeling of the data?
  5. Are you able to Prepare the right charts and visualizations every time?

There is no solution to check the validity of the calculations and above-mentioned tasks.

The whole cycle of these tasks come on the Analyst.

Excel Dashboard course come as the Rescue Tool for people like me, the Analysts and the Business Organizations.

Excel Dashboard is an amazing interactive tool that offers a Visual Representation of your Business Organization’s real-time Performance.

This course is perfect for the Beginners who are interested to learn about interactive Excel Dashboards from Videos.

What are the Benefits of Excel Dashboard Course?

#1 It Provides an Overview OF your Problem:

  • Interactive Excel Dashboards in Microsoft Excel will provide an Overview and Solution to all your Problems
  • It has got amazing interactive answers to all the questions that have been asked. The Solutions provided here are abundantly clear

#2 You get to avail total Visibility into your Business:

  • You’ll know what exactly is happening in your business
  • You’ve got an idea about what is working in your favor and what isn’t
  • You can check the open rate and the Performance of the last email
  • You can check the total calculation of the Sales automaticallyWhat if you need to login in the system every single time and check these details every day? Hectic. Right?  This is where Excel Dashboard Tutorials will come to your rescue.

#3 Excel Dashboards provide extreme flexibility:

  • Excel Dashboards bring extreme flexibility in the Business. It is useful in making almost any kind of KPI dashboards
  • You get to prepare various chart types in a single click
  • Simplest of ways to organize your Financial and Business Reports and get the Professional analysis

#4 Saves more time at Work:

  • No more spending of hours over and over again in creating the same type of Reports
  • The tool helps you to design and make reports in the Executive style by making use of the readily available Report Templates
  • The reports should be going to the Dashboard. And it will save you a lot of your Extra hours
  • You can create interactive Dashboards with Power Query and Power Pivot

#5 Increased Profits:

  • You get to know the major areas of your Business that are not Performing well. Once you’ve got the results, you know the exact area where you need to invest your energy in
  • Not all the Competitors have the idea about this and thus you can use this opportunity as a bigger advantage

#6 It simplifies Web Analytics:

  • This is a complete intensive Process. So, when you perform the task Manually, you tend to make a lot of errors
  • You need to present the Company’s Marketing Data as per the strategy and goals of the Company. For this, you need to have Centralized Control over the Data and its display Options. Microsoft Excel comes up with such amazing interactive Dashboards that helps you with various Display Options

#7 You’ll get Improved Results with interactive Dashboards

  • When you keep an eye on the Key Metrics it will automatically bring Major changes in your result
  • There are arrows and pointers in the finest Dashboards and this can lead you to conclusions. The conclusions depict if you’re doing well or not
  • By keeping a close eye on the weak areas, you feel motivated to work and fix the delicate areas of the Business, in order to get success in your Sales and Profit areasInteractive Dashboards basically help you to improve your results. You can create Dashboards with Power Query or Create interactive Dashboards with Power Pivot. It is proven that whenever you measure anything that is significant and keep a watch on it, it definitely brings improvement in your results.

#8 Reduce Stress

  • You don’t have to be in your office, to check out how your Business is Performing. If you’ve made your  Microsoft Excel Business Dashboard, then it becomes really easy for you to keep a track on the Performance of your Business
  • You’ll be receiving emails on how Well your Business is Performing
  • You’ll be receiving the complete Summary of your Profit, how your sales and advertising is doing
  • You’ll be updated with the email by the customer service results
  • Excel Dashboards & reports will help you remain relaxed and get the overall monthly Update that is needed for the Business
  • Every metrics, that you obtain from the  Microsoft Excel Dashboards: See and compare your results from the previous month and year. And then work on the area that needs to be worked upon.

#9 An Increased Productivity:

  • Excel Dashboards example will help in numerical measurement of the performance
  • A Customer Service Manager can judge the performance of the employees based on the key metrics
  • If the employees scoreless then they can try improving their performance based on their scoreboard
  • By following this the employers try to improve their Performance and their Productivity increases. You can keep a Track on all these just with the help of the interactive Dashboards

Excel Dashboard lessons will help you to solve all the major problems of your Business, with the solution that they’ve been looking for.

Learner Testimonials

I would like to tell you that I am very impressed with your courses so far – I particularly like the short videos that allow me to get to a topic quickly and then move on (your competitors mostly offer 20-30 min videos which is a bit much to keep one’s attention span). The other gem in your training are the shortcuts, I found no other course with the same insights.

Peter Klugsberger
ex-McKinsey & Co. served various senior roles (CEO, COO) in various companies

Because I use spreadsheets daily, I’m often using the Shift+down arrow to highlight and then manipulate data. Of course, this takes FOREVER! As I am advancing in my role at work, it is very important for me to learn more advanced Excel skills. I chose this video b/c it was short and condensed. I could literally watch it on my breaks at work and then use it right away. I really like that. Well done!

Barbara Jones
Finance Professional

I’ve been using Pivot Tables for a couple of years, so was expecting most of this to be familiar. But this course proved me wrong. From simple tips and keyboard shortcuts, to whole features I never knew existed, I constantly found myself muttering things like “oh wow, I had no clue about that”. Things that I can actually put into practice in my job. It’s a great feeling. Kudos to the team on a great course

Peter Thomas
Accounting Professional

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Dashboard fundamentals - 160 mins

  • Introduction to Dashboard – Why, When and How
  • Design Tips and Ideal Data Formats
  • Drawing Excel Charts
  • Building Up and Down Indicators on Charts
  • Formatting cells and tables in Excel
  • Trend Sparkline with variations
  • Bar Sparkline an Win and Loss Sparkline
  • Pie chart and formatting tips
  • Two-axis charts
  • Thermometer chart
  • Stacked Chart
  • Spider chart
  • Bubble chart
  • Bullet chart
  • Showing forecasting with line charts
  • Waterfall – New Charts in 2016
  • Format Specific Period, Data Point, Marker, XY, Positive and Negative
  • Conditional Formatting in Graphs
  • Histogram Chart
  • INDEX Function
  • Indirect Function
  • Pivot tables basics
  • Pivot charts basics
  • Form Control with example
  • Check box controlled graph
  • List controlled graph
  • Chart with interactive legend
  • Graph using Macro
  • Overview of Dashboard
  • Identifying of Unique items for a dashboard
  • How to make lists in a dashboard
  • Building dashboard basic layout and formatting tips
  • Linking values in dashboard
  • Using Dynamic functions
  • Calculating values based on criteria
  • Download Practice FIles

Single sheet tracker - 35 mins

  • MRTS Sales Dashboard Question
  • MRTS Sales Dashboard Solution 01
  • MRTS Sales Dashboard Solution 02
  • MRTS Sales Dashboard Solution 03
  • MRTS Sales Dashboard Solution 04
  • MRTS Sales Dashboard Solution 05
  • MRTS Sales Dashboard Solution 06
  • Power Generation Tracker Question
  • Power Generation Tracker Solution
  • Download Practice Files for SIngle Sheet Tracker

Pivot Table Dashboard - 58 mins

  • Introduction to Dashboard Course
  • Introduction to 1st Dashboard
  • Understanding the data
  • Text Function
  • Dynamic data Create Table
  • Naming the dynamic data and the using it in function
  • Preparing 1st Pivot and updating data
  • Classic view and Filling blank with zero in Pivot
  • Create Chart for comparison from the Pivot
  • Create Trend line from the Pivot
  • Creating Pie Chart from Slab Report from Pivot
  • Preparing Framework for DashBoard
  • Inserting Slicer using Chart
  • Customize Slicer Setting

Map chart dashboard using Advanced Excel functions - 117 mins

  • Brief on 2nd Dashboards
  • Importing Data from the Internet
  • Converting Line Item into a Currency Table
  • Calculation of Currency using INDEX and MATCH
  • Creating Slabs using Vlookup True Parameter
  • Creating Qtrs based on Financial or Calendar Selection
  • Preparing the base by removing duplicate for Dashboard
  • AverageIF for calculating Country Wise Salary
  • Substituting ERROR with zero using IFERROR
  • Introduction to Function INDIRECT Part 1 and 2
  • Using Function INDIRECT to Retrieve AverageIF from relevant sheet
  • Using Function CountIf with INDIRECT to calculate No OF Emp
  • Calculating Contribution Country wise No Of Emp
  • Using NameRange to simplify calculation
  • Using NameRange with formula in 2nd Dashboard
  • Introduction to Offset Function
  • Offset Function in Excel
  • Using Offset Function in Dashboard
  • Use of MINIF in Dashboard
  • Use of MAXIF in Dashboard
  • Using Average to get Designation Wise Experience result
  • Using MAXIF with multiple conditions
  • Using MINIF with multiple conditions
  • Dynamic Dropdown List
  • longitude and latitude with plotti a g data on dashboard
  • Using REPT Function based on the percentage calculation
  • Activation of Developer Tab and creating Scroll Bar
  • Inserting Trend chart based on data
  • Advance INDEX and MATCH with multiple references
  • Inserting Spark Line
  • Insert World Map into the chart
  • Plotting Data on Map Chart
  • Controlling Map Preview from dropdown
  • Summarising 2nd Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboards using Excel Macros - 52 mins

  • Brief understanding on Dynamic Dashboards using Excel Macros
  • Implementation of OFFSET for dynamic data
  • Creating Trend Chart from 2 Pivot Table
  • Modifying the Chart Settings for better view
  • Using Macro recording for Trend Chart 01
  • Using macro to update pivot based on the Job Type
  • Triggering macro with any change in sheets
  • Creating Name Range using shortcut
  • Use of MAXIF and MINIF with single and multiple parameters
  • Create chart to represent multiple parameters effectively 01
  • Create chart to represent multiple parameters effectively 02
  • Preparing data for Spiderweb chart and change the graph setting
  • Using macro to Hide and Unhide working sheets
  • Inserting Trendline and formatting for better view
  • Conclusion of all 3 dashboard

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Frequently Ask Questions

What do you get in the Excel Dashboard?

An accelerated, Practical approached Advanced Excel Dashboard Tutorials to teach you the skill needed to compete in the competitive work environment. (111+ video tutorials)

– All Advanced tutorials case studies related to videos.
– Access to all video tutorials 24 x 7 – learn excel online from anywhere.
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– Excel dashboard examples & ability in making a dynamic dashboard in excel

How do I enroll for the Excel Dashboard online?

You can enroll for this course online by just a click on Enroll Now button Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipts of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email.
– Visa/Master Card credit and debit card
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How much time required to complete Excel Dashboard Training?

This is a self-paced, lean Training program with videos from basics to advanced tutorials. Watch the preview of videos tutorials to get a flavor the program’s uniqueness and relevance. Online courses may not be your first preference. But I promise this – After watching 3 videos, this courses will give a tough fight to your usual classroom training. We think someone with intermediate background can complete the course in 2-3 weeks

What if I’m unhappy with my Excel Dashboard course? Do I get a refund?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. To know more please go through our Refund Policy.

How can you say that my speed will improve?

Simple – Our feedback form from each corporate clients give us a rating between 4.8 to 5 (5 being the highest). We will empower you with tips and tricks based on real issues faced by 1000s of students we teach. We created these advanced tutorials after so many years of research and hundreds of hours of training. Able to create visually effective excel dashboards

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