What is Qlik Sense | Introduction to Qlik Sense Data Analytics Platform

Introduction to Qlik Sense

In the modern world the success of any organization is decided on the basis of Data Analysis. Data  analysis is to understand the problems faced by an organization. Data Analysis is the process of evaluating data of the organization using analytical and statistical tools. One such kind of analytical tool is Qlik Sense.

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In this Tutorial you will learn following:

  • What is Qlik Sense?
  • What is Qlik Sense Cloud?
  • What is Qlik Sense Desktop?
  • What is Qlik Sense Tool?
  • What is Qlik Sense Enterprise?
  • What is Qlik Sense Used For
  • What is Qlik Sense Server?
  • What is Qlik Sense Software & more

What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is the product of Qlik Tech. Qlik Sense is the powerful self-service analytical tool. Qlik Sense has gained popularity as it helps the professionals to develop personalized and interactive dashboards, reports, and visualization from the data coming through varied data sources with ease.

Qlik Sense consists of three editions as follows:

  1. Qlik Sense Enterprise
  2. Qlik Sense Business
  3. Qlik Sense Team

Qlik Sense if available free for personal and internal business. You can download it from its official website and start using it. Qlik Sense can be learnt very easily. It is an interactive application. Qlik Sense desktop hub gives you the glimpse of all the applications you prepared and each application can consist of number of sheets. It is very easy to navigate. Data can be loaded and charts can be prepared by simple drag and drop. You can connect to standard APIs for further customization. It can be connected to Qlik View and can combine with its scripts.

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Qlik Sense Process Flow

In this section, we see the Qlik Sense Process Flow step by step, 

Step 1: The data is entered in the Qlik Sense Environment via Qlik Sense Proxy. Proxy acts as a gateway between users and the client. In other words, this Proxy connects the front end and back end.

Step 2: The data that comes from the user is stored in Qlik Sense Repository and the Qlik Sense Scheduler manages the loading and reloading of this data in QIX Engine.  

Step 3: Once the data is loaded into back end, all the major functionalities like data indexing, calculations, searching, self-service interactions is done in Qlik Sense Engine. Its main functionality includes processing the data and returns the appropriate results.

Step 4: Once all the functionality is done on the data the proxy returns the data to the end user with the help of Qlik Sense Application. Qlik Sense Application serves as the front end. We get the final file with .QVF extension. This file also contains all the data loaded in Qlik Sense back end in a compressed format.

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Step 5: Qlik Sense Application is the final layer that is used to create visualizations. 

Importance of Qlik Sense

There are number of advantages offered by Qlik Sense and hence it is Important Qlik Sense can be further classified into Qlik Sense Desktop, Qlik Sense Cloud, and Qlik Sense Enterprise. The following is the importance:

  • Users are able to visualize the analytical areas of interest
  • Reports can be easily created by drag and drop method
  • It provides Qlik View load scripts migration
  • Debugging is made easier with the help of extensions
  • Token licensing model provides flexibility in license management
  • Accessible through almost all devices
  • You can create new extensions manually and can make more beautiful visualizing dashboards
  • It is easy to access and analyze by all employees with the tools they are already familiar
  • Data from any source can be aggregated in Qlik Sense and therefore can be analyzed easily
  • The business becomes successful with the help of Qlik Sense as it offers best and easy analysis

Different Types of Connection Offered by Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense offers almost all types of connections to data sources known. The few are stated below: 

Companies Using Qlik Sense

In total 3461 number of Companies are using Qlik Sense around the globe currently. Some of the known names are as follows:

Comparing Analytic Tools

The following is the comparison between four different analytical tools –

Qlik Sense/View Vs Sisense Vs Power BI Vs Tableau.

Specifications Qlik Sense Sisense Microsoft Power BI Tableau Desktop
Trial Free Version
Mobile Version
Analytics (Point-in-time) X
Analytics (Real-time) X
Analytics (Predictive) X
Prep tools for Data
Tools for Data (Join, integrate, blend)
Natural language query X X
Social media analytics
Visualization feature  
Sharing/Collaboration Tool  


We discussed about the following:

  • Data Analytics and its importance
  • Qlik Sense and its Importance
  • How Qlik Sense Works, discussed about its architectural component’s functionalities
  • Different type of connectors offered by Qlik Sense
  • The names of all the companies that are currently using Qlik Sense
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If you want to download Qlik Sense Data Analytics Platform then click here.