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What is Power BI? | Introduction to Microsoft Power BI | Power BI Tutorial

Introduction to Power BI?

For every analytics activity, we have a powerful and flexible tool called Excel. To get the best visualization and deep data analytics, Excel should be combined with Power BI. To explore and use the business data in new ways, use both Excel and Power BI and present outstanding reports. You do not have to learn a new language or application and can create an interactive dashboard by transferring all your stories, data models, and queries created in Excel to Power BI.

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In this ultimate guide, we learn about What is Power BI?, Power BI Tutorials and how we can use this tool for data visualization. If you want more in-depth & hand-on training, then don’t forget to check our latest Power BI Training Program with Certification. 

In this Power BI Tutorial you will learn following:

  • What is Power BI?
  • What is Power BI Tool?
  • Things you can do with Power BI
  • What is Microsoft Power BI?
  • Power BI Process Visualization
  • What is Power BI Desktop ?
  • What is Power BI Service ? 
  • Companies using Power BI
  • What is Power BI Dashboard?
  • Power BI Tutorials Videos

You do not need to worry about updating your data time and again. With the help of automatic data refresh option in Power BI, your dashboard will automatically update itself with the correct data. Power BI is capable of showing data from excel as well as data from many other sources connected on its dashboard. There are many more advantages of using Power BI but let us first know about Power BI. Refer to get a complete guide for Power BI download and power BI to install.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft developed its cloud-based business analytic tool and named it as Power BI. Power BI is a cloud-based platform and can be handled beautifully to give the best visualization to even the most critical business data. It helps in evaluating and sharing the data and gets connected to all the data sources of the users. Users can have their scalable dashboard so that they can choose the best visualization blueprint for themselves. Visualization can be enabled by using the navigation to enable simple drag and drop of the data. Let us create your first Power BI dashboard.

Power BI Tutorial Videos

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Process of Power BI

Here is the different Process of Power BI

  1. Power BI lets you connect to various data sources. You have to import your data from the source to Power BI.
  2. Once to data is loaded to Power BI, you can do the necessary change to it according to your choice.
  3. After you have transformed your data, the next step involves enhancing the data. You can improve the data by either writing query or with hierarchies, measures, calculations, relationships, etc.
  4. Now you can visualize your reports created by trying a variety of tools and dashboards offered by Power BI and can adopt the panel best suitable for visualizing your stories.
  5. Once your report is created, you can publish it and set up it with a variety of features offered by Power BI like automatic data update, develop indicators, etc.

Importance of Power BI

Importance of Power BI is as follows:

  • Microsoft Excel and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) stand as the two best products for Business Intelligence. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft built Power BI so the users can use it with ease and also allows to connect to MS Excel & SSAS.
  • Latest technologies like smartphone mobile apps, column store databases, cloud computing, and HTML 5.0 is used in building Power BI.
  • Value is added to the community because of contributions from open-source categories. Custom visuals gallery has encouraged their participation.
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  • Users are more prone to become self-sufficient when it comes to analysis related to business intelligence. As Power BI offers users feasibility and smooth learning experience, Microsoft Power BI leads in this aspect as well. To learn more about Power BI go through our Power BI tutorial.

Different Types of Connections offered by Power BI

There exists one more reason about the growing popularity and usage of Power BI: it offers so many connections. Some connections are as follows:

Companies using Power BI

Comparing Analytic Tools

The following table provides the comparison of different analytic tools such as Tableau Desktop, Qlik, Sisence with Power BI. Let us compare all according to the features and specifications.

Specifications Microsoft Power BI Tableau Desktop Qlik Sisense
Trial Free Version
Mobile Version
Analytics (Point-in-time) X
Analytics (Real-time) X
Analytics (Predictive)
Prep tools for Data
Tools for Data (Join, integrate, blend)
Natural language query X X
Social media analytics
Visualization feature
Sharing/Collaboration Tool

Inference can be drawn from the comparison table above that Power BI supports all the features, and hence, it is accessible and adopted by most of the analysts. Want to know more about the differences between Power BI and Tableau in more detail?

So, what are you waiting for download Power BI now! Make most of your data by using Power BI tool and always stay ahead and unique. Follow the tips to download Power BI.


With Microsoft Power BI, analysis of data, preparing data models and then visualizing it had made the tasks of BI professionals a cake-walk. Thus, more and more data related personnel are adopting Power BI. I hope you get good idea about Power BI Tutorial so, please check our latest course on Power BI.