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What is KNIME | Introduction to KNIME Data Analytics Platform

Introduction to KNIME Analytics?

We live in the age of ‘Data’ from data I mean that due to the technological and IT revolution, tons of data are generated every minute. Data Scientists are always in a try to gather and draw insights from this generated data. But to analyze this massive amount of data, it is necessary to learn to code and work with heavy software. In this tutorial we discuss about What is KNIME Analytics Platform & its Applications. 

In this Tutorial you will learn following:

  • What is KNIME Tool?
  • What is KNIME Software?
  • What is KNIME Analytics Platform?
  • What is KNIME Server?
  • What is KNIME in Data Mining?
  • What is a KNIME Node?
  • What is KNIME Workflow & more.

All the massive data is pulled from a variety of sources to manipulate and process it to derive useful insights. To obtain insights from such a massive amount of data, a powerful ETL tool is required.

Nowadays, there is a need for a tool that is easy to use, understandable even without the knowledge of coding, can accurately and quickly draw insights, and possess depth and flexibility in short of having an easy ETL tool that can automate the task. KNIME is the only tool that solves all these kinds of problems.

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What is KNIME?

KNIME is an open-source platform for business intelligence analytics, Machine learning to perform ETL by simple drag and drop process. KNIME provides a GUI based platform where workflows can be built quickly by even a non-technical background individual to perform analytics. KNIME is most popular because it uses natural language for processing, and that is why it is easier to understand.

In short KNIME platform is used for the following:

  • To perform ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) process efficiently on Raw data
  • Making Machine Learning Easily
  • You can have deep learning with the workflows built to understand the actual process happening
  • Data blending
  • Perform Powerful Analytics

Process of KNIME

In this section, we see the process of KNIME step by step, 

Step 1: All the raw data is gathered in this step. This initial step makes sure all the raw data is brought into a common environment. Here the common environment of KNIME.

Step 2: Once the raw data is gathered the second step involves shaping the data. Shaping the data involves the process of cleaning the data and keeping only the data you particularly require.

Step 3: Once the data is cleansed and shaped, now the time is to build actual workflows from it. Build the required workflows using advanced algorithms to automate the process of analyzing the data.

Step 4: Once the data is analyzed by building workflows, now visuals can be created from this data to draw conclusions. This data can be fed to the best visualization tools like Tableau or Power BI as an input to prepare the best visualizations.

Step 5: This step is building the prototype of the workflows for some of the steps of analyzing the data. There are certain workflows that are built up to the mark and can be used in other areas too, To create a prototype of such kind of workflows are easy for reusing

Importance of KNIME

KNIME is an essential open source analytical tool as it can do the following things:

  • It can perform Univariant and Multivariant Statistics
  • It can perform Data mining and Text mining
  • It allows Network Analysis, Social Media Analysis, and Web Analytics
  • It allows Time Series
  • It allows Image Processing
  • It helps in API Integration
  • It will enable processing in Natural Language

Different Types of Connection Offered by KNIME

The KNIME can Access files from different sources as follows:

  • KNIME can combine and open simple text formats .CSV, .PDF, . XLS, .JASON, .XML, etc.
  • KNIME can connect to unstructured data types such as documents, images, molecules, networks, etc.
  • It can connect to time series data
  • It can connect to the host of database
  • It can connect to Data Warehouses. Apache Hive, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, load Avro, Parquet, ORC files from HDFS, S3, and Azure are some examples of the database and data warehouse connectors.
  • It can retrieve data from a social media website such as Twitter
  • I can collect data from AWS S3, Google Sheets, AZURE, etc.

Comparing Analytic Tools

The following is the comparison between KNIME, Alteryx:

Specifications KNIME Alteryx
Open Source X
Natural Language Processing
ETL Process
Drag & Drop Feature
Connection on Database X
Large Data X
User Experience
Economical X


KNIME is an Open-source platform to build workflows and help in business intelligence analytics. We discussed the benefits and prerequisites of KNIME. The process of KNIME is also briefly explained. The companies that have adapted to work on KNIME is also discussed. In short, we have discussed What is KNIME in a full sense.

If you want to download the KNIME Platform then click here.