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Excel VBA Tutorial | What is VBA Macros in Microsoft Excel ?

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Excel VBA Tutorial provides an integrated toolset that is appealing to a huge number of application areas. To make this tool, even more powerful, came to the rescue Excel VBA Macros, VBA Course or VBA Excel Functions Examples. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, and it is a fully fledged programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation. This is not Excel Basics, its advanced level excel

With the boom of financial services and the money market, we see that professionals have become more and more reliable on software to interpret raw data. Not only that, we find people in general use spreadsheets to keep track or reference of their day-to-day expenses and financials.

After the launch of VisiCalc by Apple Computers in 1983, the spreadsheet slowly took over a wide array of application areas like financial accounting, budget forecasting, database manipulation, graphical analysis, user form, events and automatic generation of scheduled sheets through VBA Macros.

Excel VBA Tutorial Online Course

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool which can be used to simplify work in the toughest situations, like from a teacher building a grade book template, to designing complex financial models.

Microsoft Excel along with other members of Microsoft office has been bundled with VBA Macros.

In short, Excel VBA is a tool that helps to control and manipulate other aspects of the software. Macros is an advanced and automated way to easily write Excel VBA codes without actually writing it. Basically, Macros is a recorder which creates Excel VBA script for whatever action you are doing in Microsoft Excel, which can be replicated later. Although macros are a much easier way to control Excel, it also has its limitations. People use Microsoft Excel for a variety of different tasks like-

  • Making and keeping a list of things like student’s grades, customer’s names and details or gift ideas.
  • Analysis of scientific data
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Creating a variety of different forms and invoices
  • Developing visual representation charts from raw data.



This list is never-ending. Different people see Excel according to their need and how they can use it while keeping one very special thing in common, and that is automation.

For example, you might want to create a Excel VBA program which formats and prints your month-end sales report. After you develop and test the program, you can create and execute the macro to repeat those steps automatically every time you want that same job done.
You can execute a macro with just a press of a button, triggering a number of actions which will recreate a series of long and time-consuming steps. Rather than struggling with a tedious repetitive process, you can just sit back and relax while Excel VBA macros take over your work.

VBA is another programming language which is used to make standalone applications or integrate with other languages. Excel VBA Macros is used to control a full-fledged software architecture i.e. Microsoft Office and all of its components like Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.

How Excel VBA tutorial helps you?

This question entails two more questions i.e.

Why should you learn to program?

If you do decide to go with learning programming, then why choose VBA instead of all those other programming languages?

Let me answer both individually.

Benefits of Learning macros in Excel.

Most people are skeptical about programming, as they have it their head that programming will be difficult. The notion of learning an unconventional language intimidates or scares them.

Once they get over the hurdle of learning a new thing and get comfortable with the language, they find it rather interesting.

The primary reason for learning a programming language is to control the aspects of using a computer so as to tailor it according to our needs. Basically, we learn programming to gain a higher degree of control over the use of our computers and also achieve a higher flexibility over the control and command of a certain problem.

Why choose Excel VBA Course?

Excel VBA offers seamless integration with Microsoft Excel. It gives you the added advantage of taking over the best of both worlds i.e. you can enjoy the powerful customization with the help of Excel VBA, and enjoy all the rich features Microsoft Excel has to offer.
For example, while using most other programming languages, creating output which is attractive as well as professional can take a lot of time as well as knowledge.

Whereas, with Excel VBA tutorial you will be able to make attractive outputs for different types of charts and graphs with little technical know-how.

Along with this Excel VBA course, we can also provide you with some learning tips on building Dashboards in Excel. These tips about dashboards in Excel can enhance your Excel skills and you can grab everyone’s attention by designing various spreadsheets, Excel tables or Charts exactly in the same way you or your boss imagined.

To conclude, I would say it’s better to just learn Excel VBA macros and implement its awesome features to make your life easier. It’s not just about ease of use as it also reduces the chance of human error.

VBA Macros is the best thing Microsoft has done to take a very high degree of control over its products.

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