How to Hide/Unhide Column in Excel

In this blog, you can learn about Hide & Unhide columns in Excel

There are Columns in Excel where you perform Data Analysis or Calculations. Ideally, you’ll hide these Columns before showing your sheet to anyone. The Complication comes when you can’t unhide Columns in Excel. Or maybe when you forget how to Unhide Columns in Excel.

How to Unhide Columns in Excel

You need to follow the below steps to unide columns in excel

  • Open Excel Document
  • Select Columns
  • Go to Home
  • Go to Format
  • Select Hide and Unhide
  • Click on Unhide Columns

You had successfully unhided the columns

Unhide column in Excel

Important Shortcuts to hide/unhide column in Excel:

 Hide rows in excel Ctrl+9
Unhide rows within the selection in excel:Ctrl+Shift+9
Hide columns in excelCtrl + 0
Unhide columns within the selection in ExcelCtrl+Shift+0

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Process of Unhide Columns in Excel:

To unhide columns in excel follow below guidelines:

  • Select the Columns (in our case, Column A and Column D)
  • Go to the Home Tab
  • In the Cells Group, Click on Format
  • In the Format Drop Down, Select Hide and Unhide
  • Click Unhide Columns

Once you Click Unhide Columns, you’ll see, it will instantly Unhide the Columns. In the above image, you’re clearly able to see how it is done.

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For an instance, let’s consider an example: In this case, the Column B and Column C is hidden, Click A and then Click D. Without failing to hold down the Shift Key.

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In order to find the cell value of the Hidden Column B and Column C. Type C1 and then later on B1 into the Name Box, after selecting the Column.  The Name Box is located into the left of the Formula Bar Tab.


Here, we have hidden the column B and Column C.

Find the cell value of the Hidden Column:

  1. Go to the Home Tab
  2. In the Editing Group, Click on Find and Select
  3. Click on Go To
  4. Here, in the Reference Box: Type the name of the cell, (in our case, C1.)

And then Click OK.

To know the value of hidden column

Now you’ve obtained the value which was the Input for C1. Shop2 in this case.

Note: When the following/succeeding Columns or rows are hidden, the eligibility to Unhide specific columns or to unhide specific rows fails. Firstly, you’ll have to Unhide all the Columns or if you want to Unhide the rows. Also, you can hide the columns and rows that you don’t want to show.

Well, these were the steps to View the hidden column in Excel i.e. to Unhide Columns in Excel.

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