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Text to Columns in Excel or Split Cells in Excel is used in data cleaning and data re-arrangement. Excel text to columns formula technique is used for following:

How To Use Text To Columns In Excel?

Split the text as last name and first name in two different columns.

If a cell has got more than just a word for e.g.: First name and surname i.e. the last name. Then, select the cell, range, and the cell containing the text values that you wish to split. You have a long of list of full names as shown below (Example: AbduSalaam, Ismael). You need to split the text into last name and first name in two different columns.

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Split the Data in to two Column with help of Text to Column

You can apply Text to Column technique. It cuts the data into different columns. Specify the column delimiter i.e. the character where the data must be split. In the example given below, the delimiter is a comma, which exists between last name and first name.

In the given example, it is clear that full name is in a single column. Separate into two columns. One is the last name, and other is the first name.

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Quick and Simple Steps For Text to Columns in Excel:

  1. Choose the dataset and go to “Data” tab
  2. Click on Text to Columns
  3. Choose the Delimited option. Click On Next button.
  4.  Click on Comma button then next button.how to use text to column in excel
  5. Choose Destination cell and Finish.


Result: By clicking on the finish, you will see all the surnames in one column, and the name is another column.

Solution of Text to Columns

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