Time Travel with PowerPoint tricks – Smart Art for Powerpoint

Time travel has been a core theme for many Hollywood science fiction flicks. Well, let me make it a reality for you. You can zoom past an hour in less than five minutes with these special power point tricks.

1) Convert boring bullet points in attractive SmartArt in 5 seconds – I borrowed some text from an article on Forbes (web) to illustrate the trick. Let’s say that you have to present the following:

7 Steps for Important Presentations

Smart Art in PowerPoint

It takes 5 seconds to convert the above into this:

Power Point Tricks

PowerPoint Tricks

OR this:

Or this List

And of course, you can ungroup the SmartArt by holding it and pressing Ctrl + Shift + G twice. Isn’t it GOOD given the time required to make it! Well, here’s the trick to time travel:

Choose the text and then go to HOME tab and click on “CONVERT TO SMARTART” button (first introduced in v. 2007).

Convert to Smartart

b) Convert scattered pictures in an organized SmartArt in 5 seconds– Similar to text, even an array of pictures of different sizes can be converted in SmartArt form in less than 5 seconds.


Before Image


After Image

You can ungroup this SmartArt too! Remember to ungroup twice to be able to choose all the elements individually.

Check out some of the preview videos on PowerPoint Ninja Tricks Click here.

Way to time travel:

Choose the different pictures and then go to FORMAT tab (Picture Tools) and click on “PICTURE LAYOUT” button (first introduced in v. 2010)

Picture Layout

NB – I learned these tricks after 14 years from the day I started using PowerPoint. Learning never stops!

Further, if you want to learn more insights about power point go through our Powerpoint Ninja tutorials and also our impressive Free Powerpoint Slides

2 Responses
  1. laxman

    This tutorial really make me feel like i travelled time. it is so quick and easy to understand. Great PowerPoint function to present my data.
    Thank Yodalearning.

  2. sangeeta

    My Pictures were all scareded in the slides. SmartArt helped me to travel time and arrange images in a presentable form.
    thanks yodalearning.

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