Tableau Data Sources

A Data Source is a connection to a database or a place where the data is generally stored. Users are able to create workbooks that point to a data source. The data source can be extracted or shared on Tableau Server generally. Let us first lean into understanding different connection types of Tableau data sources...
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QlikSense Vs Tableau – Comparison Between BI Tools

Qlik Sense vs Tableau: It is no doubt that today’s business relies completely on data analysis for successful strategies and decisions. As the importance of data is increasing there are very few platforms available for the analysis of Big data. There are two most prominent tools for business intelligence and data analytics – Qlik Sense...
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Tableau for Students – A Ultimate Guide

Tableau is a Self-Analytics and powerful Data Visualization tool. In almost every field, data is needed to be analyzed to come up with a conclusion about the well-being of an organization. Thus, Tableau is a very important tool to be learned in the education curriculum of the students. With this perspective in mind, Tableau is...
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