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Power Excel

Replicating Excel’s Find Function With ‘M’ in Power Query

In the above example, you learned how to concatenate the columns using the M language. Unfortunately, not all of the Excel’s formulas can be used in M query. Replicating Excel’s Right Function With ‘M’ Using Power Query For instance, if we want to use the Excel’s FIND Function to find a specific character in the...
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Top 5 Ways to Concatenate Datausing ‘M’ in Power Query

There are times when we want to perform such tasks that are not built in the user interface i.e. features that are not available on the ribbon. But still, this can be possible with Power Query’s programming language which is called M language. Concatenate Datausing ‘M’ With Power Query Initially, we will do a simple...
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Best Ways to Add Column From Examples in Power Query

Sometimes we need to transform the text from a huge data table which is not directly possible. But, with Power Query, you can easily do it using Add Column from Examples feature. Add Column From Examples By Power Query Step 1– Select the column on which you want to apply changes Suppose you have a...
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Best Ways to Import Data From CSV in Power Query

Now you know how to import data from an XML file in Power Query. But what if your data source is in the form of CSV file? There is no need to worry if you have your data inside a CSV file (Comma Separated Values). This is because it’s very easy to import data from CSV...
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Top 5 Ways to Import Web Data in Power Query

The good thing with Power Query is that there are multiple ways to pull in data. Import Web Data Using Power Query One of the way is to get data from the internet by using the importing web data feature.  Let us see how we can parse a webpage and use it for Power Query....
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Consolidate Multiple Excel Workbooks in Power Query

The limitation of Excel of consolidating multiple Excel workbooks into one has overcome by Power Query.  Power Query can do this consolidation task in a couple of minutes. This is explained below within a few easy steps. Consolidate Multiple Excel Workbooks By Power Query Step 1: Open Excel Workbook from Folder Suppose you have an Excel...
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Split First & Last Name Using Power Query

Sometimes, when you have a data table which includes full names of candidates in one column and you want to separate the full name into first name and surname in different columns. Split First & Last Name With Power Query This is a common task, but most people may use complex formulas to perform this...
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