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Tableau Career Opportunities – Tableau Tutorials

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Tableau Career Opportunities: Tableau is one of the best Business Intelligence and Visualization software in the market and 7 years in a row as a leader in a Gartner Magic Quadrant for analytics and Business Intelligence platforms. Tableau simplifies raw data and converts it into an understandable format. Tableau is capable of creating impeccable and best visualizations with ease.

With so wide range of benefits, Tableau has quickly covered the market. Organizations are adopting Tableau for saving their time and money. Thus, as the adoption is increasing many career opportunities are also generating. In this blog, we will discuss Tableau in detail with all its career opportunities, companies using Tableau and the salary of average Tableau professionals.

Introduction to Tableau

Tableau is solely built to make the life of analysts easy. Tableau is the best BI and visualization to date.

The Tableau product suite consists of the following:

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Public
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Reader

Each of its products serves different functions and each of them is equally important. Tableau Desktop is responsible for developing visualizations.

Features of Tableau

Tableau is so popular because of its incredible features. It offers features that are not offered by any other product. The following are the features offered by Tableau:

  • Tableau is capable of blending and preparing data
  • It offers us to analyze our data in real-time and thus the data is updated in real-time and can be used by the organizations where data is always fluctuating
  • It collaborates the data coming from n number of sources in the common Tableau environment
  • Tableau offers a very intuitive learning dashboard thus, the individual or user with no coding background can also use Tableau with ease
  • It can build impeccable visualizations of the analyzed data

Tableau Career Opportunities & Jobs

The following are the careers get generated once you learn Tableau:

  • Tableau Consultant – Generates automated analytics solutions
  • Data Analyst – Interprets and analyses data with statistical methods or new generation tools
  • Business Analyst – Assists in business by planning and monitoring the strategies
  • Business Intelligence Analyst – Review and validate the customer data, deployment of the product
  • Business Intelligence Developer – Designing, maintaining and developing BI solutions
  • Business Intelligence Manager – Primarily manages the team of BI analysts

Tableau Job Trends

As the demand for Tableau Professionals is increasing day by day. Many top-level companies recruiting Tableau Professionals. The rising trends of Tableau Jobs & coaching in Google Trends could give you a better idea about the job trends as below image.

Top Companies Hiring Tableau Professionals

Globally a lot of organizations have adopted Tableau and it has worked wonderfully for them. The following organizations use Tableau:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Co-Star Group Inc.
  3. TripAdvisor Inc.
  4. Scientific Games Corporation
  5. Amazon
  6. Adobe
  7. Cisco
  8. Walmart
  9. Deloitte

A lot of companies in India have also started to adopt Tableau after getting aware of its incredible features and advantages. The following companies using Tableau in India:

  1. eClerx
  2. Eveready Industries India, Ltd (EIIL)
  3. Marico
  4. Redmart
  5. Ashoka Leyland

Tableau Developer Salary & Growth

Professionals aspire to become a Tableau professional because of the salary they provide. The average salary of a Tableau professional is $117,000.

The following are the salaries of other tableau professionals at different job titles:

Job Profile Annual Salary (USD)
Tableau Developer $117,000
Tableau Consultant $102,000
Account Manager $112,000
Java J2EE Development Manager $123,000
Senior Software Engineer Data $102,000
IT Services Specialist $56,000
Senior Data Warehouse Developer $103,000
Business Analyst Product Manager $92,000
Cognos Administrator $95,000


As the data is increasing, organizations are in search of tools to reduce the cost and time invested in analytics and come up with a possible solution. Tableau emerges as a boon tool in this kind of situation. Thus, the demand for tableau professionals increased too. The above blog discusses the companies using Tableau globally and in India. It also states the possible career options of a Tableau professional along with the salaries.

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