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Steps to Remove Columns Using Power Query

Another feature of Power Query is Remove Columns. This feature allows you to remove the unwanted columns easily.

Learn Steps to Remove Columns By Power Query

This is helpful when you have columns that you want to eradicate and do not need in your final report – but do want to keep in your source data.

Suppose you have the following source data. As you can see that the marked column is the one we want to remove, so let’s get rid of it.

Step 1: Select the columns you want to remove

As shown in the picture below, we have a data table showing the details for employees. If we want to share these details, we need to hide the confidential data like salary. Therefore we want to delete the Salary p.a. column from Power Query but keep the same in source data.

The very first step is to select the column that we want to remove from Power Query as shown in the picture below.

TIP: Press and hold the CTRL key to select multiple columns.


Step 2: Remove the unwanted columns

To remove the unwanted columns, go to

Home > Remove Columns button > Remove Columns option


Step3: Close & Apply

Observe the result and check whether it is as per your expectation. Then click on Close & Apply button to close the Query Editor and apply any pending changes. The picture below shows the final output.


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