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Remove Gridlines In Excel – Turn ON/OFF

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Gridlines onoroff

How to Remove Gridlines in Excel? Or How to add gridlines in excel?

It’s a task in itself when we want to print content in Excel. So we tried to hack this task and made it easy for you.

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Now when I look at this data and I click on the small button tab under page layout which is referring to page setup.


Once I go inside that there’s an option under sheet tab which is called Gridlines.

Page Setup-Gridlines

Now, what does it do? Let me show you the print preview before the grid lines are activated. So when I go to print preview, notice the data doesn’t have borders and that’s the reason when somebody takes a printout. They probably have to take help of a ruler or a scale. Or any other element or assistance.

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Page Format Preview

To be able to see line by line what are the different data points. Gridlines in excel

Page Setup-Different Data Points

Instead of doing that let me go back to the page setup. I can go to page layout. I can click on a small icon which refers to page setup. Once I go there let me go to sheet tab. And there’s something called grid lines. Let me activate that.

Sheet Tab-Gridlines
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And once I look at print preview. Immediately you notice there are small dotted lines, placed under every line item. Now, this ensures this looks soft. Once a printout is taken at the same time the end user is able to track the data line by line without confusing between different line items. So today you learn how to remove or add gridlines in excel

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