I was recently invited to hold a 1 day workshop on “Excel for Data Analysis”

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I was recently invited to hold a One day Excel workshop on “Excel for Data Analysis in Baroda Chapter of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Baroda (Vadodara) is the third largest city in the western Indian State of Gujarat.

I was almost half asleep while waiting to board a Sunday morning flight (6:35 AM). Tried my best to keep my eyes wide open for this Selfie 🙂 Rishabh-Pugalia I was drooling with the idea of 60 mins. nap during the flight. However, this book, which I bought at the Airport kept me awake. Pretty neat and concise just like our Free Online Excel Course book

Sharing some powerful lines from it:

  • The purpose of life was to taste experience, whether good or bad and reach out for newer and richer ones.
  • Your present circumstances don’t dictate your destination, they only determine your departure point.
  • To work intensively for long periods you need to switch off occasionally for short periods
  • To think and act creatively you cannot live by timetables
  • Bill Gates – Power comes from not knowledge kept, but from the knowledge shared.
  • Go from A to B, via Z
  • Although Picasso had produced thousands of paintings over his lifetime, he only ever selected the best five percent for exhibition
  • Nature is creative by necessity

I have not finished reading the whole book. Hence, I’ll share more as I continue reading. Besides this super rich food for the brain, I was fortunate enough to get equally delicious breakfast. This is Masala Uttapam (thick pancake with vegetable toppings) served with white coloured Coconut Chutney (coconut stew mixed with other spices) and Sambhar (lentil-based vegetable stew or chowder based on a broth made with tamarind). This is a staple dish in South India. It is popular throughout the country. food While browsing through Facebook, I came across this picture – Such a powerful message. brain Oh! And I almost forgot the one day workshop was attended by 40+ experienced Chartered Accountants. It was a Sunday and not a single one left the event early. We closed at 6:00 PM. Some of the tricks they loved were:

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