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Qlik Sense – A Data Visualization Tool

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Qlik Sense Data Visualization Tool – Human brains are designed in such a way that it can easily pertain to the information showcased in a visual format rather than the written format.

All the organizations collect data to find their business insights through analytics. This gathered data, is not fit to perform analytics and thus called as raw data. This raw data is cleansed to flush out the unnecessary data and then it is transformed into the structure suitable for analysis.

Once the analysis is done, it is quite likely that due to human error the insights of the data are not clearly conveyed. Moreover, it is a pain for the data analysts to explain their drawn conclusions to business higher-ups.

If the analyzed data is converted into visualization through a data visualization tool, the behavior of the data can be easily found out. Thus, to find the insights of the data easily and find out BI solutions without any error, the data visualization tool is important.

Let us discuss the most popular data visualization tool – Qlik Sense.

Introduction to Qlik Sense Data Visualization Tool

Qlik Sense is a powerful self-service analytics tool. It is capable of connecting to various data sources and combines that data into Qlik Sense environment. The combined data is then transformed into a suitable format to analyze. Once the analytics is performed this data is now suitable to build visuals.

Qlik Sense uses drag and drop functionality and has a very intuitive dashboard to create visuals. The users with non-technical background too can operate Qlik Sense with ease.

Qlik Sense consists of 3 types as follows:

  1. Qlik Sense Enterprise
  2. Qlik Sense Business
  3. Qlik Sense Team

Qlik Sense is free for internal business and personal use. It can be downloaded from its official website.

Qlik Sense Benefits

There a many benefits of Qlik Sense that makes it desirable to use. The following are the few benefits of Qlik Sense:

  • It provides Qlik View load-scripts migration
  • Debugging is made easier with the help of extensions
  • The token licensing model provides flexibility in license management
  • Accessible through almost all devices
  • You can create new extensions manually and can make more beautiful visualizing dashboards
  • It is easy to access and analyze by all employees with the tools they are already familiar
  • Data from any source can be aggregated in Qlik Sense and therefore can be analyzed easily
  • The business becomes successful with the help of Qlik Sense as it offers best and easy analysis

Qlik Sense is widely accepted by most companies due to the number of benefits it offers.

Top Companies Using Qlik Sense

The following are the names of few renowned companies that use Qlik Sense:

  • Generali
  • KitchenAid
  • Deloitte
  • io
  • Avon & Somerset
  • Raymond James
  • Fanatics
  • Quooker
  • Planet Hollywood

Thus, we discussed that Qlik Sense Data Visualization Tools and their importance. We discussed the importance, benefits, and companies that adopted Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense is the most popular data visualization tool to date and its popularity is still growing.

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