How to print titles and columns on the left in Excel? | Printing in Excel

One of the ignored areas in Excel is how to print a workbook or a worksheet. In this blog, I’ll talk about some of the tips and tricks like how can you make the printing in Excel look easy, better and more functional.


Starting with above case study with a raw data which spans over multiple rows. So I have a hypothetical data which talks about bond being issued by different companies across different industries with details like what rating and what is the denomination of the particular bond, what is the coupon rate, maturity price and yield. Now, I’m not going to get into the technical aspect of the bond pricing. But many times there is a large number of rows of data. And of course, I wish to take up the printout.

The shortcut key for enabling the print preview is Ctrl + F2, function key F2 (Press Ctrl, keep it pressed. And press function key F2)

Shortcut Print Preview

Now the look may differ based on the version of Excel that you are using. But primarily it will tell you how the print out will look towards the end. When there is a large number of data.

Print Preview

Notice not every page has the header, right? And without the header, the data doesn’t make sense. So what do we do to make sense for this type of printing in excel?

I’ll press Esc, go to page layout section and there you notice a section called print titles.

Print Tiles

So I go to print titles. Within which there’s something called rows to repeat at top. Now when I place my cursor inside this. And I choose this row number 5 which means every time a page of this document is printed this particular row will repeat itself.

Page Setup

You may wish to print a column repeatedly. Let me place my cursor on the next tab which says columns to repeat at left. And choose column C.

Select Page Setup

Once I do that. Let me click on print preview. And once I do that notice this time when I page down every page has the print titles at the top.

Print Tiles Preview

If the data is stretching over multiple other pages. Every other page will have the company name in the column which we had ensured that must be present in all pages.

Columns on Left Print

So there you go. This was a trick on printing titles and columns on the left.

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