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PowerPoint Tips on converting text to graphics using Smartart

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MS Word & PowerPoint Tips on how to convert a simple ordered or unordered List like converting text to graphics.

Microsoft Word & PowerPoint has built-in shapes and designs in SmartArt Tool which can be used directly; while preparing project report or presentation you may need to design some charts, lists, graphs, shapes etc. In order to meet the standard of good reports, use of ms word or powerpoint SmartArt is a must.

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Follow steps to Convert Text to Graphics using SmartArt tool:

      1. Write the points which you want to have in your list, select all (Ctrl + A) and then cut (Ctrl + X) Or Select all by mouse and Right Click the selected text and select Cut.list-of-dataset-in-MS-Word
      2. From Insert tab select Smart Art Tool, then select the list design which you want to use in your document.

    1. You will find many design options in left pane. Related list designs will appear in the Middle pane and in right most pane you may see a preview of selected             design.Insert-SmartArt-MS-Word

    1. We have selected Vertical Box List. Click OK and following design will appear.Select-Vertical-Box-list-in-MS-Word
  1. You will get the option to type your text for each box. Paste(Ctrl + V) the text we had selected in Point 1 and your text will automatically appear in list view.Option-to-type-and-Copy-Paste-in-MS-Word Read related blogs on MS Word Tricks: Add APA Page number in Word with 3 Easy Steps

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