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Power BI vs. SSRS | Difference between Power BI and SSRS

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Power bi vs SSRS

Power BI vs SSRS – Comparison

In this article, we will Compare Power BI and SSRS. As Power BI is built with new technologies, it is more in use and accessible. Due to its popularity, it is compared with lot many other technologies. Comparison improves the basis and clarifies which technology should be used. Power BI and SSRS are both developed by Microsoft. SSRS stands for SQL Server Reporting Services.

Power BI

Microsoft developed its cloud-based business analytic tool and named it as Power BI. Power BI is a cloud-based platform and can be handled beautifully to give the best visualization to even the most critical business data. It helps in evaluating and sharing the data and gets connected to all the data sources of the users. Users can have their scalable dashboard so that they can choose the best visualization blueprint for themselves.


Visualization can be enabled by using the navigation to enable simple drag and drop of the data. Let us create your first Power BI dashboard.

SSRS(SQL Server Reporting Sevices)

SSRS is the abbreviated form of SQL Server Reporting Services. SSRS was also developed to perform data analysis to help BI analysts to generate reports, and it can handle any amount of data. It requires more significant manual efforts as compared to Power Bi as it does not offer simple drag and drop and requires more manual efforts.

Power BI vs SSRS – When to use and Why?

Though both have been used for more or less for the same purpose still there are lot differences Power BI vs SSRS when we drill down to details.

Basics of Comparison Power BI SSRS
Definition Microsoft Power BI is used for generating reports by analysis of data. The reports can be generated from the cloud as well as the server. SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) is a report generating the server-based platform. SSRS is a tool to generate enterprise-level reports.
History Power BI was first introduced in 2017. SSRS was first introduced in 2004.
Implementation Power BI is used to generate server-based as well as cloud-based reports. SSRS only generates server-based reports.
Benefits It has a rich graphical interface and therefore easy to use. It is rich in its drill-down capability.
Accessibility Power BI can be accessed from desktop, web and mobile app. SSRS can be accessed from desktop and web.
License It’s free to use. The pro and premium version is paid. It is a paid tool.
 Component It is developed with HTML 5 and is open-source app-enabled with cloud-enabled SAAS. SSRS is a visualization tool based on old technology.
Use It is very easy to use because of its rich graphical component. It is less user-friendly as compared to Power BI.
Dependency of Data It can handle structured as well as unstructured data. It can work with structured and semi-structured data but cannot work with unstructured data.
Occurrences Power BI is replacing SSRS in IT markets. SSRS is now gradually replaced by Power BI.
Size Limit It gives 1 GB of limitations in a free version but you can create multiple datasets. There is no limit of data size in SSRS.
Reports The free version of Power BI is not capable of developing paginated reports whereas premium version offers it. It is capable of providing paginated reports.

Note: The reports which can fit the size of the screen automatically are called as paginated reports.

Want to know the comparison between Power BI and Tableau? Your work defines whether you should use Power BI or SSRS. Both serve the same purpose of building reports for the end-user by performing analysis on the data provided.

If you do not want to hire a team of IT personnel for performing the tasks for your organization and do not use paginated reports, then Power BI should be your choice as it helps you to create your reports easily. If you have a big organization where you require to have paginated reports and data is always in GBs, then SSRS should be the best-suited choice for you.


Future Prospects

Slowly and gradually, users have started adopting Power BI because of its simplicity and ease of use. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is capable of working along with Power BI, so further PBIRS can be implemented. SSRS in a subset of PBIRS. PBIRS stands for Power BI Report Services.


Power BI and SSRS, both the tools provide the best quality of reports. We have summarized Power BI vs SSRS to help you understand them better by comparing.

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