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Top 9 Useful Power BI Features

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power bi features

Power BI is a self-service Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tool. Power BI has eased the lives of a lot of analysts by providing impeccable visualizations of the analyzed data. Due to the visualization insights from the data can be easily drawn. It is easy to make understand the insights of the analyzed data to the business higher-ups through visualization. In this article, we discussed the top 9 useful Power BI Features.

To understand the Power BI thoroughly and use it more effectively it is important to know the features.

Top 9 Power BI Features

Any software or technology is judged as good or bad on the basis of its features. So, let us discuss the features of Power BI as follows:

1. Quick Insights – Power BI Features

The best feature of Power BI is that you can sign up for free. You do not need to give any credit card details to sign up. You can get insights into your data in no time from services like Dynamics, Salesforce and Google Analytics. You can start using Power BI and viewing your data in a few seconds of time. You can download & install Power BI on your PC


2. Acquiring Data – Power BI Features

Power BI helps you to integrate your data into the common Power BI environment from numerous and varied data sources. If your data is present in on-premise databases, Excel spreadsheets cloud services, and streaming data, you can easily connect or bring this data to the Power BI environment. It does not depend on the form of your data or where it is located, Power BI can derive the key metrics of business easily. Different types of Data Sources & Services Can be acquired in Power BI.

3. Real-Time Information – Power BI Features

Power BI has the feature to automatically refresh the data. Due to this feature, you can always view the reports created in the dashboards in real-time. You can instantly know where your business particularly requires your attention. With real-time data updates, you can easily solve any business-related problems instantly. You can easily create customized & real-time Dashboard with Power BI.

4. Natural Language Questions – Power BI Features

This is the unique feature of Power BI, that you can ask questions on the dashboard in your natural language. Once you ask the question you get your answers in the form of interactive visualization. Power BI has the ability to provide you the answer to your question in the easiest way possible for you to understand with the help of the right graphs and charts. We number of Power BI Dashboard Templates that you can directly work with.

5. Content the Way You Want – Power BI Features

With Power BI, you can get the dashboards the exact way you need for your organization. It helps you with the curated dashboards that give advantage to your organization. You can share these dashboards, reports, and datasets within the organization so that every person gets a personalized view of their business metrics.

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6. Quick Decisions – Power BI Features

Power BI provides the most suitable interactive Power BI dashboards and reports. Viewing at the dashboards and reports that are made up of visualizations, all the business personals of the organization is on the same page while drawing any conclusions or decisions. The process of analyzing the problem and coming up with possible solutions is quickly done and everyone is on the same page.

7. View reports On the Go

Power BI facilitates applications for iOS and Android. You are able to acquire your reports and dashboards from anywhere from your mobiles or tablets. You do not necessarily turn on your PC to view the status. This accessibility gives the ease to work more efficiently even when you cannot reach your PC. Learn to create Power BI Visualization with Bars & Columns Charts.

8. Freedom for Integration

You can integrate the standard-based Rest API to your application. When you integrate, it gives you the leverage to focus on the core values and in turn can deliver quick decisions. Check the Power BI Architecture. 


9. Sharing

We know the power of sharing. When you share your insights and decisions and how helpful Power BI is with the world, instantly you reach millions of people around the world. These people get motivated with it and Power BI Can prove helpful to them too. Sharing is done when you publish your story on the web or in the form of a blog post.

Power BI Features Conclusion

Millions of people are adopting Power BI because of its glorious features. Organizations are also turning to Power BI after getting enlightened about its features. Want to use these features to build your 1st ever Power BI Dashboard? Join Power BI Training Program & become a pro in Power BI.

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