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Power BI Dashboard vs. Power BI Report | BI Dashboard

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Power BI Dashboard vs. Power BI Reports
Power BI Dashboard vs. Power BI Reports

Power BI dashboard is usually known as a canvas and it can have only one page to tell a story using visualizations. Since it is restricted to one page, a perfect Power BI dashboard contains only the most important fundamentals of the story. So before creating the Power BI Dashboard or Report, let’s know What is Power BI?


The visualizations on the dashboard are referred to as tiles and are pinned to the dashboard by report makers. Most of the times, selecting a tile takes you to the report page where the visualization was built.


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Power BI Dashboard – Dashboard vs. Report

A dashboard gives a high-level view of the specific information that you want to monitor. It also alerts you to matters that might be happening. It is able to give you the data in order to accomplish something. Dashboards contain or display high visible so something a user wants to monitor frequently which may include real-time data processing. Power BI is not essentially the right solution for all reporting, it really just depends on what your necessities are.

It is basically telling a story to users. Power BI tells user story or a business story in a single page layout normally called a Dashboard. Dashboards are collections of stories or business cases from different reports holding only the most significant elements from reports.

Power BI dashboards can display the most important decision-making facts to run a business. But reports can display data in more detail in many formats like chart, graphs list and in tabular, etc (You can learn to create all this in Power BI Course. Dashboards are a business key performance indicator view where it displays key values which can change business profits and can be viewed at one screen.Power BI Dashboard

The visualizations on a dashboard are derived from reports and each report depends on one dataset. In other words, the dashboard is as an entrance into the underlying reports and datasets. Selecting a visualization actually takes you to the report and dataset that was used to build it. In this way, both are different but go hand in hand. Read further to get the idea of Power BI Dashboard vs Power BI report. The image above shows the Power BI dashboard representation.

Power BI Report – Dashboard vs. Report

Reports, as in normal type reporting tends to be more thorough in nature and more for day to day operational type activities.  You can have a dashboard that drills down into a detailed report.

Reports are based on one data source or one business unit data. Reports and dashboards are reliant on each other because of any operational value or from a metric value. Power BI report has a feature that they can be drilled down to report level detail. Reports are detailed providers to dashboards and this information can be in many formats like text, Table, chart, number, etc.

The dashboard is on page screen view but in a report, we have multiple pages to switch as reports are detailed information of data. After you have built your Power BI report, it’s time to create your Power BI template.

Power BI Report Example 1


Power BI Report Example 2

A Power BI report is a multi-purpose view into a dataset, with the visualizations that represent different findings and insights from that dataset. A report can have a single visual page or pages full of visuals. Did you try the Excel Dashboard Course for Reports & Visuals? Reports are available for viewing, sharing, and interpreting on mobile devices. Images above represent the Power BI report pages.

Difference between Power BI Dashboard vs. Power BI Report

Power Bi Dashboard vs. Power Bi Report

Below mentioned points of Power BI Dashboard vs Power BI report gives a clear idea between the two.

  1. The dashboard is limited to only one page while a report can be of one or more pages
  2. You cannot filter or slice a dashboard while there are many different ways to filter, highlight and slice a report
  3. The dashboard can create alerts to email you when certain conditions are met but you cannot set alerts to report
  4. A dashboard can be set as a featured dashboard but the report cannot create a featured report
  5. The dashboard can export data but is not able to see tables and fields in it. Whereas reports can see dataset tables and fields and values in it

Top 8 Features of a Power BI Dashboard – BI Dashboard

Power BI Dashboard is a high-level view of one or more reports. The dashboard is also a day-to-day view of KPIs, and it delivers the navigation point to the detailed reports. But slicing and dicing is not the job of Power BI Dashboard. You have seen the definition of Power BI Dashboard and Power BI Report above.

Now, let’s see Top 8 features of a Power BI Dashboard:

  1. Automatic Refresh
  2. Sharing
  3. Customization by User is Easy
  4. Featured Dashboard
  5. Ask a Question
  6. Real-time Monitoring
  7. Alerts
  8. View Insights

Automatic Refresh

Automatic refresh is one of the main benefits of Power BI dashboards. A dashboard can be designed in this way that you can keep it open for many hours and yet it will refresh automatically. How to Create a Power BI Dashboard step by step in detail. On the other hand, if you open a report, and if the data set of that report gets refreshed, you need to manually refresh your report or else your report won’t be refreshed automatically.



Dashboards, Reports, and Data Sets in Power BI can be shared through multiple methods; such as Content Packs, and Power BI Work Groups. Nevertheless, Dashboards can be shared through a basic sharing method as well. This is an addition to the other methods of sharing. With this method, the person with whom this dashboard will be shared will receive an email with the dashboard link.

Share a Dashboard in Power BI

Customization by User is Easy

You can easily change the size of dashboard tiles, can change their order, also add new tiles like Image, Text, Web, and Video in a dashboard. It is also possible to make changes to a report as well. But that requires clicking on Edit report, going to the edit mode, applying changes, and saving. The dashboard is the user’s view of the world, can be simply adjusted to what you want to view.

Customize Power BI Dashboard

Featured Dashboard

A dashboard can be set as a landing page making it a Featured Dashboard. You can have only one featured Dashboard. If you set another dashboard to be featured, the previously featured dashboard will be replaced with this new one.

Featured Power BI Dashboard

Ask a Question

Ask a Question is basically a question and answer feature in Power BI. It is one of the top features of the Power BI model that reverts to your natural English language questions. Ask a Question option available on top of the dashboards. Check out Power BI Roadmap from Zero to BI Expert.

Ask a question in Power BI

Real-Time Monitoring

As discussed above, dashboards can refresh automatically. Nevertheless, this refreshing feature is quite different from real-time monitoring. Real-time monitoring means using PUSH approach. Which means that anytime a new data in the data source is available it should be monitored.  Real-time monitoring of events is possible with Power BI Dashboards. The data set can be sourced from the sources like PubNub, Azure Stream Analytics, or REST API.

Real Time Data in Power BI


You can define alerts for each data-driven tile in the dashboard. Alerts can be as simple as if the number goes above or below something you can send an alert Power BI email notification.

power bi email notification

View Insights

In dashboards, you can get some more understanding with selecting the View Insights feature of the tile. This option will search through outlines in the data set and visualize them automatically. Power BI dashboard vs Power BI report concept can be determined easily considering the above features.

View Insights in Dashboard

Top 6 Features of a Power BI Report – BI Dashboard

Reports in Power BI can have several pages. In each page, there can be different visualization elements. Slicing and dicing, hovering and highlighting are possible in the Report. We can drill down through a hierarchical data assembly, or select a specific column in a column chart and see the related data to it in other visualization fundamentals. It means that Report in Power BI is for slicing and dicing. The report is built for end-users to play with different elements like slicers, visuals or filters and get what they want. Alike Power BI Dashboard, Now, let’s see Top 6 features of a Power BI Report:

  1. Slicers
  2. Multi-Pages
  3. Interactivity
  4. Drill Down/Up
  5. Publish to Web
  6. Explore Data


A slicer is used to simply slice and dice the data in a report. Unlike the dashboard, there is no way of using slicers except using “Pin Live Page” option which will pin the entire page on the dashboard.

Slicer in Power BI Report


You can have a number of pages in a report. Switching between pages is simply possible with the help of navigation pane at the bottom of the report. In a dashboard, you can have multiple numbers of tiles but can have only one page. If content doesn’t fit into a single page of the dashboard then scroll bars will appear.

Multi-pages in Power BI Report


In addition to slicers, you can select a specific element in a chart and it will highlight other elements. User can simply relate with report elements and get more insight from it. In dashboard with clicking on a tile, you will be readdressed to the report/page that built the element.

Drill Down/Up

In Power BI you can have hierarchies like Product Group, or Calendar. And you can drill down or up in various levels of hierarchy using some of the visualization elements. However, in the Dashboard drill down/up is not allowed, and with a click on the visual, you will be readdressed to the report/page that built the element.

Publish to Web

Publish to Web is a precise feature for a report. With Publish to web feature, a report can be published as a public web page or can be surrounded in a publicly available web page.

Publish Power BI Report to Web

Explore Data

Users can discover the data of a specific visual element in the report with options in Explore Data or See data. These options will help users to drill even down to the record level and see origins of particular value in a chart. In the dashboard, only the data of a dashboard can be exported.

Export Data in Power BI Report

Power BI Dashboard Vs Report – 6 Amazing Comparisons

Power BI Dashboard Comparision Power BI Report
Power BI Dashboard is used to display a high-level business data view. Definition Power BI Reports are build based on each dataset which can be viewed in multiple ways
It is used to visualize the Business data, also used to find the business insights and key performance indicator. Usage Report created by Power BI will be useful for analyzing data by a business analyst or sales manager that helps them to make a cumulative inform decision related to business.
Business Owners can easily predict profit & loss by analyzing the high-level views of KPIs. Benefits Detailed analyses of all the different dimensions.
Power BI Dashboards are used to visualize high-quality data. Real-Time Power BI Dashboard of Medical provides the count of patients and their daily medicines used. Real-Time Usage Power BI Reports are used to analyze the data in detail in an example heat patient and their different medicines and their treatment history.
Power BI Dashboards are used by many business owners to view business profits or loss. Applications The reports are used to analyze business sales & services.


You can learn more :


In this blog, we will learn about the Top featured of Power BI Dashboard and Power BI Report.

Most used tricks of Power BI Dashboard

  • Automatic Refresh
  • Sharing
  • Customization by User is Easy
  • Featured Dashboard
  • Ask a Question
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • View Insights

Most used tricks of Power BI Report

  • Slicers
  • Multi-Pages
  • Interactivity
  • Drill Down/Up
  • Publish to Web
  • Explore Data

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