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Power BI Analyst Salary Report 2020

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Power BI is the self-service business analytics and visualization tool. It is known for preparing impeccable visualizations from the analyzed data. In today’s world, Data Visualizations is important in any field to make a decision. In this article, we discussed What is the Power BI Analyst Salary in US & Earning Potentials.

Power BI Salary-Earning Potential of a Power BI Individual

Data visualization helps to get the insights of the data clearly. It becomes easy to draw insights from visuals rather than numbers. Due to human error, sometimes analysts can miss some of the important insights of data, but with visuals, you can never miss a single detail. It becomes easy for analysts to make understand the business higher-ups about the insights that they have drawn from the data via visuals easily.

The increase of data has made a tremendous rise for analyst’s professionals. The other reason is that now the business personals have realized the importance of analysis of their data in the success of their business. Every organization – big or small, now invests in analysts.

Rise of Power BI

The need for data analysts is ever increasing. No doubt, many professionals are turning to this lucrative profession. To make a career in analyst industry Power BI has proved to be tremendously helpful due to the following reasons:

Power BI Salaries

  • Microsoft Power BI tool is cheaper as compared to another analytics tool. The investment of learning Power BI is therefore less.
  • Compare to other tools available in the market, Power BI is simple to use.
  • As Power BI is a Microsoft product, it offers the best compatibility of integration with all Microsoft products.
  • Power BI is now pre-loaded in Microsoft Office 365 suite.


Power BI Careers

Learning Power BI opens the gates for your career with the pool of opportunities. It is very important for you to get hands-on experience with Power BI.

The ever-increasing Power BI community makes you aware of the new inventions and uses. You can rely on this community to help you solve your queries and make your learning experience warm.

Hands-on experience in learning Power BI opens the following career options:

  • Power BI Architect
  • Power BI Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • BI Developer
  • BI Consultant
  • BI Specialist
  • BI Report Developer

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Industries Paying the Most to Analysts

Some industries require the manpower of analysts a lot rather than the other. The following industries pay the most to analysts:

  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Information
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises

Power BI Jobs Salary & Annual Earnings

The following is the list of Power BI job’s most annual earnings:

Job Profile Power BI Salary (Annual)
Lead BI Developer $116,299
BI Architect $148,299
Senior BI Developer $111,505
BI Consultant $109,000
SAS BI Developer $106,704
Microsoft BI Developer $106,034
BI Developer $105,313
Microsoft BI Consultant $105,129
BI Report Developer $98,414
BI Specialist $79,213

Major USA Companies Hiring Power BI Analyst

The following are the major USA companies that are offering jobs to Power BI professionals:

  • Anthem
  • Next Generation Recruitment and Staffing Agency
  • Amazon
  • Anchorage Consultants LLC.
  • Technical Connections


Power BI Analyst Salary Report 2020

The following is the average salary paid by the above-mentioned top analyst hiring USA companies:

USA Companies Power BI Analyst Salary (Annual in USD)
Anthem $107,023
Next Generation Recruitment and Staffing Agency $130,001
Amazon $106,854
Anchorage Consultants LLC $133,982
Technical Connections $113,309

Major Indian Companies Hiring Power BI Analyst

The following are the major Indian companies that are offering jobs to Power BI professionals:

  • Wipro Technologies Limited
  • Cognizant Technology
  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  • IBM Global Services
  • Accenture Technology Solutions
  • Infosys Limited
  • Alliance Global Services

Thus, the average salary of Power BI analysts depends on the industry it is working. The salary varies to the company to a company of a Power BI analyst and also on the type of work responsibilities handled. The top USA companies are paying more to the skilled and experienced Power BI analysts.

Now, you get a good idea about Power BI Analyst Salary & its Earning Potentials. To become a Power BI Analyst you have to take Power BI Training with Certification. This training helps you to get Jobs as Power BI Analyst/BI Analyst in any industry.

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