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Online Excel Course – Online Excel Training Course

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online Excel Course

In this technological sound world, where access to a computer and online services are handy enough and can be accessed by any individual, classroom training at a dedicated fixed time is almost considered as an old-school thing. It is the age of online training. Whatever you want to or aspire to learn is just a few clicks away.

There is a pool of online teaching courses which gives you access to learn any course at a suitable time and place. The same thing applies to our new age professional individuals. Due to the office hours and responsibilities during the day, it is almost impossible for them to attend the actual Excel training.

Perks of Online Excel Training Course

We at Yoda Learning provide them with the ease of learning by providing the best online Excel course.

Online Courses and Classroom Training

Online Videos or Classroom

At Yoda Learning, the Excel online course is very easy and simple to learn. Online Excel Course provides you with the pre-recorded videos of the modules or classroom training. For classroom training by a mentor itself and clear your doubts then and there, at least a group of 20 people are required. If you want to learn Excel, we have our best – Excel Online Course.

Advanced Excel Course Online

Online Excel Course Inclusive

In Online Excel Course, you will be well equipped with all the learning necessities. Once you enroll in our Online Excel Course, on the top of your dashboard, you will get the downloadable practice files from the real world and free e-book. Below Free eBooks, there is a step by step grid of all the modules. You can select any module of your choice and can even choose the subtopic of it to directly go to the video teaching the topic of your choice.


The other benefits of Excel Online Course are that you will get the cheat sheet to assist you often. A course completion certificate is also provided to you. You can add this Certificate to your resume to add a feather of standing out from the crowd.

Chat with us

What about Doubts?

We not only teach via videos; we also provide support if you are encountered with any doubt while learning. On our website or your course dashboard, you will find a chatbot where you can drop your files, queries, and we will solve them instantly. If you are not able to ask a question with the chat option, then we have a choice of social media.

Top 5 Popular Excel Tutorials

We have our Facebook group or community where you will find a lot of fellow learners, here you can drop or ask your questions to get solved by other members and discuss or can search for previous questions and answers to help you with your possible doubts.


Take Away

At Yoda Learning, we believe that unless and until you have worked with the practice files from real-life scenarios, and learning is only considered to be 10%. So, we provide the practice files based on real-life situations to make you 100% learn our Online Excel Course – Practicing while learning simultaneously and Also Download E-books.

Future Prospects – Career Growth Courses

Once you are well versed with Excel, you will be able to work with speed and do wonders with your day to day work activities. But if you want to grow yourself and prosper career-wise in the future, only knowing Excel will not help.

Nowadays, many softwares like UiPath, Alteryx, KNIME, etc. have emerged in the professional markets to automate the work. It is also essential to upgrade your skills by learning Excel VBA and Excel Dashboard. All these courses will shift you to a cabin from a cubicle, and you will grow in our career.

Let us discuss all these one by one;

Excel VBA Tutorial Course Online

Excel VBA Online Course

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. VBA in Excel is used to build Macros. Macros record the steps to be performed and then while running repeats the same steps as recorded. Thus, with the help of VBA, the daily and monotonous tasks of most of the Excel Professionals is solved up to some extent. Macros can be built in two ways in VBA by recording and by writing simple VBA code. Excel VBA can upgrade your knowledge and even help in your career growth.

Excel Dashboard Course Online

Excel Dashboard Online Course

It is crucial sometimes that you need to let your seniors know with the help of visuals or pictorial representation of what the numbers are speaking. This is when the Excel Dashboard comes into the picture. After learning the Excel Dashboard, it will be a cake-walk for you to develop visuals and charts of the data that is with you to let your higher-ups know the insights about it. Before learning the Excel Dashboard, it was challenging for you to convey your pre-drawn insights, but after learning it, you are not troubled because the visuals on your Dashboards speak the story.

Excel to Alteryx - Alteryx Online Course - lap_book

Alteryx Online Course

Alteryx is the self-service analytics platform that helps to prepare, blend and transform the data to perform analysis. Once you are well acquainted with Excel, Alteryx is the software you will need to learn. After learning the Alteryx course online, you can make your career in Data Analytics as well. All the processes that is followed to bring the data in a suitable format to perform the analysis is called ETL (Extract, Transform and Load). Alteryx is a software that makes this ETL process easier.

Alteryx is the one super tool that combines the functionalities required for Data Preparation, Geo-Spatial Analytics, and Data Science.

Excel to KNIME Comp and Book

KNIME Online Course

Gartner has placed KNIME as a leader for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms for the sixth year in a row. It has powerful Data Analytics, Reporting, Machine Learning, and Data Mining capabilities. It offers an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets you drag-and-drop several pre-built Data Processing/Machine Learning modules without writing codes.

KNIME is designed to process a large volume of data without crashing your program, unlike Excel. The Statistics node (which is a prerequisite for Data Science) in KNIME helps you find data patterns about numeric fields in just two clicks. Thus, the KNIME Online Learning Course offers you a lucrative career in Data Science.


Thus, once you learn Excel Online Course, you not only advance yourself in your current profession but also you can build your career in the Data Analyst domain. Online courses have transformed this world as a whole and make you prepare for whatever career you opt-in any aspect of your life.

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