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How to make original Good-looking Presentation slides

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Guide to make original Good-looking Presentation slides.

Today, if you want to succeed in your corporate job, you must know how to impress the ‘higher-ups‘ of your organization using your presentation slides.

Here’s a list of few pointers you should always remember when making such a PowerPoint presentation slides:

  1. Don’t be too mainstream, get over the default settings:

    Microsoft has provided various preset presentation designs with its Microsoft PowerPoint software. But this just to help any beginner use this program without much difficulty. In order to prove that you’re more than just a beginner, it is important to create a presentation that is different from the mainstream. Create your own background, customize the size of the slides and use a font different from Calibri. Basically, get rid of any settings that could give an impression of recklessness or lack of experience on your to make powerpoint look good
    This is how your presentation looks when you use an overused preset background.

    How to customized ppt presentation

  2. And this is how it looks when you customize it according to the subject of your presentation.
  3. Keep it Simple:

    One thing you should always keep in mind while going for a business presentation is that you are the one supposed to be the ‘star of the show’, not your slides. The slides should be as sleek as possible, so as to make sure it doesn’t overshadow the presenter and his content. The colours used should be sober, the default sounds and animations should be kept to the minimum and the points being written on the slides should be minimum, but of a size that is visible to the audience without straining their eyes.The following slide will never work.

    How to make ppt online

  4. Align all the objects:

    All the objects you’re using in your presentation slides should be aligned so that they give a proper professional look and a polished image of the presenter. Here’s how you align the objects in your slides:

    • Select all objects by holding down “Shift” and clicking on all of them.
    • Select “Arrange” from the top of the page, then click on “Align or Distribute.”
    • Choose the type of alignment most suitable for your presentation

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  1. Use a consistent visual theme:

    Every powerpoint presentation needs a theme which is consistent throughout the presentation, so as to give a proper flow to the presentation. This theme can be a suitable picture, a background colour, or a combination of both. But you should always avoid using the preset templates provided by Microsoft. One simple reason for this is that most of your audience would have seen those templates countless times in various presentations and using them would give out a very redundant impression of your presentation to the people who matter.

    how to use powerpoint presentation
    powerpoint presentation tips

  1. Use graphs, charts etc in presentation slides.

    When making a powerpoint presentation, the use of text should be kept to the minimum. This is because if there are too many words on the screen, it may overshadow what you’re speaking as the presenter. Instead, there should be a creative use of various tools of visual representation of data, like graphs, pie charts, bar graphs etc., which are enough to convey the presentation ideas by acting as a support to the presenter.


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    1. Use presenter’s view

      The users of PowerPoint 2010 in any windows PC have this unique option of ‘Presenter’s view‘ while presenting the slides. This is an area where the presenter can make his notes, keep tab of the time each slide is taking and also view a preview of the presentation. Hence, instead of using your actual slides as a collection of notes for your oral presentation, this feature enables you to give a more natural looking presentation.

 ppt presentation with example
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For some more online tools which will make your presentation attractive and effective, check out the following websites:

  • Flticons.comYou can make use of to download the thousands of icons and images they provide. All you need to do is follow these steps:
    First, choose the icon you want to select and take your mouse over the icon. Click on the little eye symbol that would appear over the icon.
    Flticons-imageThe website provides you with various options of fonts in which the selected icon can be downloaded in. This website can be used to download up to 3 icons for free. In order to continue using the website, you have to get a premium membership.
    Let me show you a quick example: Take a look at this simple but boring Slide
    Current Scenario
    Using free to use flat icons and colours carefully, coordinating with the context brings life to the presentation.
    how to make ppt slides
  • Haikudeck.comHaikudeck is an online forum which provides its users with the best possible tools to make their presentations much more attractive than they look on Microsoft PowerPoint. Some of its tools are accessible for free, but if you want to make use of all that Haikudeck has to offer, you should sign up for the premium membership at a very nominal price.
    Take a look at this example: If you’re not aware, Delhi (Capital of India) has recently tested Odd-Even formula for cars so the traffic on the road reduces and effectively pollution can be kept under control. If you just showcase the slide in the left (nothing technically wrong), but the smarter way is to make the audience feel rather than just communicate.

Delhi odd even formula


This is how taking cues from Haikudeck can give your presentation a new look altogether.

I hope you found our article useful. If you any doubts or questions regarding this article, feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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