Microsoft Excel Go To Data Cleaning Trick

Data Cleaning Trick

It is so easy to work on your own spreadsheet rather than working with Excel files made by someone else. Significant time is wasted in (1) cleaning or “sanitising” the data, and (2) establishing inter-sheet and intra-sheet formula connections. This process of Data Cleaning becomes super important if you are working in the domain of Forensic Audit. This is made easy with the help of Excel Go To Function

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One of the most important techniques that will help you speed up with accuracy is “Go To” command.

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  1. Ctrl + G invokes “Go To” prompt
  2. Alt + S activates the “Special” button on the prompt
  3. Options such as Constants, Formula, Blanks, Visible Cells etc. help you select ALL the cells with such special properties.
  4. If you also apply Ctrl + Enter technique with the above procedure, you will be amazed at the possibilities.

How to use Go To – Special along with Ctrl + Enter technique to reduce 3-4 hrs. work to 2 mins. This can considerably increase your productivity and efficiency.

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