Learn how to customized Header & Footer in printing excel sheet

This time under printing setting we will talk about headers and footers. Specially customized
header and footer.

Let me go to page layout. Under which let me click on the small icon which will lead me to page setup.

Small Icon-Page Setup

Let me now access the tab of header & footer.

Page Setup-Header&Footer

Now there are some predefined templates of header. So one of them says page 1 of 10. The question mark stands for the number of pages. So that means if you have 3 pages, the number of pages will define page 1 of 3, page 2 of 3, page 3 of 3.

Page Setup-Select Page

So how do I customize this. Let’s say if I go to custom header. There are couple of icons on the top part of the panel.  If I just hover my cursor on any one of them. Notice its some of them buttons are referring to insert number of pages. Insert datetime, maybe the file pathfile namesheet name and so on so forth. In fact you can also insert a picture, a company logo on the top left or right.

Custom Header

At this moment let’s say I want to place the file name on top. So I click on the file icon
which says insert file name. Then I press a space. And then I say -, this is artificially inserted. And then I say sheet name.

Towards the right hand side. I put the date. Date and the page number, I’ll be using as a footer. So let me not add more elements. Let me press ok.Add-elements-in-header

So towards the end when you take a printout this is how it is going to look like. It’s going to talk about the file name, the sheet name and the date.

Page Setup-File Name

Let me now go to custom footer. Here let me add the word page. And then let me click on this icon which says insert page number. So page X that means page 1 of which page.

Then you will click on the button which will say total number of pages. Insert number of pages. So as I press ok.

Footer Selections

Notice the preview will say something like this. Page 1 of page 5, page 1 of page 6. Depending upon how many number of pages in total there are.

Page Setup-Footer

So if I go to print preview, notice towards the bottom of the panel of the print preview section I have this footer of page 1 of 5, page 2 of 5. It’s very small.

Print Privew 01

In fact, towards the top part of the print paper. You’ll find the file name, the sheet name and the date.

File Name & Date in Prieview

So this is how you get customized the header and footer by going. Inside page setup, header & footer panel and clicking on either of the icons and ensuring that you put the right elements, datetimefile namesheet nameand picture and so on so forth.

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