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KNIME Interview Questions & Answers for Beginners

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KNIME Interview Questions & Answers

While facing the KNIME interview, the following interview questions and answers will help you to revise the basics but important facts about KNIME. Do not forget to revise the following KNIME interview questions and answers before facing one.

KNIME Interview Questions & Answers for Beginners

1) Why is KNIME used?

KNIME provides a GUI to build Machine Learning models easily. It has a pool of nodes used for various functions to build a workflow. There are a number of nodes found in its repository to serve specific purposes to build Machine Learning models or workflows such as connecting the data, reading the data/browsing, etc. The workflows build are then used for performing analytics on data.

2) How to install KNIME?

The following is the step by step guide to install KNIME:

  • Open KNIME website àcom
  • Search for the Download page
  • Once on the download page, you will view three tabs viz. Register for Help and Updates, Download KNIME, and Getting Started.
  • Click on Download
  • Select the operating system and then follow the steps as instructed to install KNIME

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3) What does KNIME stand for?

KNIME stands for KoNstanz Information MinEr.

4) Name the parts or views in the KNIME workbench.

The following are the views that can be seen when you open a KNIME workbench:

  • Workspace
  • Outline
  • Nodes Repository
  • KNIME Explorer
  • Console
  • Description

5) Explain Workspace in KNIME

The workspace is the most important view in KNIME as it is used to create the workflows or Machine Learning models. Each workspace includes one or more nodes. The connection between the different nodes provides a suitable workflow. You can include or delete the node or even freely move it in the workspace as per your wish.

6) Explain the Outline view

The workspace is the mini-view for Outline. Sometimes you cannot see the whole workflow in the workspace view as there is a limited area allocated. To view the whole workflows, the Outline view is used.

7) Explain Nodes Repository

The nodes repository consists of different types of nodes required to build a workflow. When you open the nodes repository you may view the nodes that are broadly classified under three categories:

  1. IO
  3. Analytics

Under each category, the different types of KNIME nodes are listed. You can select the node according to its category by expanding it.

8) Explain KNIME Explorer

Once you build your workflow you need to publish it. KNIME Explorer provides you with the options. Once you click on the KNIME server, a dialog box will open where the first two options will let you publish your workflow on the KNIME server and the third one is dedicated to your local machine. You may choose to form any of the three options.

9) Explain Console View

The console helps in providing the various messages while executing a workflow. In short, Console helps in diagnosing your built workflow to run successfully or display any error if it occurs.

10) Explain the Description View

The description view as the name suggests provides the description if a node, file, or anything is selected to help you to select the nodes or any file better.

11) What do you mean by a KNIME workflow?

When different nodes are connected to each other to perform a specific task is defined as the Workflow.

12) What do you mean by KNIME nodes?

A Node in KNIME is defined as a single unit dedicated to performing a specific task in a workflow. Each node consists of an entry point and an output point. Nodes can be broadly defined as the building blocks of any workflow.

13) Is KNIME an ETL tool?

ETL is an abbreviated form of Extract, Transform and Load. KNIME is capable of Extracting data of connecting with a source then performing certain specific tasks on it to bring it into some specific format and in the end load for further querying. Thus, KNIME is an ETL tool.

14) How to perform analytics on KNIME?

Install the KNIME platform and start practicing the number of example workflows provided by the KNIME hub to learn it. Then you can easily build your own analytic workflow in KNIME.

I hope you have been through all the above questions and answers thoroughly. Theses KNIME interview questions and answers are curated by our subject experts and it becomes mandatory to take into consideration the above stated KNIME interview questions and answers to easily crack an interview.

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