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Improve Office Productivity with Online Courses

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One of the most favourite games in corporate drawing rooms is the Blame Game- “My employees are less productive!”, “She has got enough time to learn, I am too busy with this and that” and so on.

Stop playing the blame game and accept the fact that your employees are what you have. If you are an individual, then you need to understand everyone is busy doing a million things and no one has got time. But you need to take out time and keep pace with the latest technology. Else you might be stuck in the past while others move ahead.

Just as you update and upgrade your software, repair and renew your equipment, in the same way, you need to train your employees to improve their skills and efficiency and enhance their dedication. Training improves staff efficiency and builds their self-esteem, thus increasing productivity. Investing in staff training keeps them motivated, fresh and builds staff loyalty and retention. It keeps them updated with the latest technology.

A few years back companies would hire a trainer to conduct classroom training. Even nowadays companies do that. But the trend is to go the modern way of learning. Online learning. Not that classroom training is not beneficial. Companies have started asking their employees to get certification and enroll for online courses. You may not be aware but your competitor might already be planning this or even implementing this.

Why Online courses?

  • In a study conducted by Bersin & Associates, companies and organizations having e-training culture or online courses are 46% more like to be the leader in their industry, with a 34% increase in their ability to respond to the needs of the customer, and are 17% more likely to become the market share leader.
  • In a study conducted by The Research Institute of America, e-Learning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%.
  • According to a report released by IBM, companies who utilize e-Learning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%. For every $1 that company spends, it’s estimated that they can receive $30 worth of productivity.

Benefits of online course


Cutting costs

With online courses, you save the cost of a physical classroom, books, equipment, salary of the teacher and stationary. Online courses are much cheaper than any sort of physical training. Massive open online courses cut at least 50% of time and cost involved with traditional corporate training.

Elimination of barriers of time and space

If you enroll your employees in any sort of training classes, you have to sacrifice their service time. However, online courses enable the staff to adjust their training time according to their work schedules. They can continue the course on their mobile, tablet at home while traveling.


Freedom of exploration

Have you ever wondered what makes Candy Crush so popular? It is the freedom to try, fail and retry any number of times till you succeed. Same goes with e-training. An employee may be yearning for long to acquire certain skill but the fear of failure inhibits him and stops him from trying a new field or eyeing for a higher goal. E-learning helps you to learn and practice any number of times till you hone your skill perfectly.


Better learning experience

The right combination of images, sound and demonstrations let the employees grasp the subject better, understand it to the core and retain the knowledge for a longer period of time.

Knowledge sharing

Many online courses offer forums where students and teachers can interact with each other. As such, the employees can share their knowledge and experience with each other. They can also have their queries answered real time. This makes learning easier and more fun. And you build your network too.

Personalized learning

Not everyone learns at the same pace. Online courses ensure that those who are slow learners do not find it embarrassing to spend more time in any chapter to clear a concept. Also, those who are fast learners do not have to waste time with the rest of their peers. They can jump ahead once they are done with any particular chapter.

Learn from examples

Online courses have study materials prepared by trained and experienced faculties who have already worked for a long time in the field. Managers and CEO get to know real-time challenges faced by these people and how they met them. Try Yoda Learning’s Advanced Excel Courses

This sure is going to help you improve your office productivity. Share this with your employees, colleagues and ask them their opinion. You can choose from the wide variety of courses available online, not necessarily something related to office work. If you have yearned to learn Excel or something else and never got the time, just go online and learn.

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