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What you can do with PowerPoint graphs ? One day I received a call from one of my client companies (a prominent non-banking financial service,) which receive applications for loans and processes it for further action – approved & disbursed vs. rejected.

powerpoint graphs ideas and innovative implementation

Learn how to use PowerPoint graphs based on real-life cases:

Situation: A senior level meeting had been called and they had to quickly assemble a PowerPoint deck. One of the hurdles was that some of the key performance factors, when put into graphs in presentation slides were not showing any meaningful information or trend.

Complication: The same chart type had been used in the last meeting and it was pointed by the Senior Management that it wasn’t satisfactory.

powerpoint graphs

Picture 1: Simple bar PowerPoint graphs- which is boring



Question: How can we present 3 variables of one scale and 2 variables of another scale without cluttering the slide and losing the essence of the data?

Variable Set 1 – Logins (no. of accounts), No. of Files Approved & No. of Files Disbursed.

Variable Set 2 – Loan Approved (Value) & Loan Disbursed (Value).

Answer:  Finally, I used the combination of Thermometer Chart with line graph (markers only) on primary axis for Set 1. For set 2 I used simple line graph on the secondary axis. This is how it looked.

powerpoint graphs

Picture 2: The power point graphs which I used

powerpoint graphs

Picture 3: The smart and changed power point graphs

Visual representation of data helps skate holders understand the problem and their solution better. Knowledge of tools like PowerPoint comes handy at times where the problem and its solution need visual explanations.

Summary: The bosses were delighted to see some fresh look. The trend was noticeable and clear. I was happier :). Powerpoint Graphs, when used right can work wonders for you and also for your boss.

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NB – I wrote the post in SCQA format – Situation, Complication, Question, Answer. It’s one of the ways to draft a report.