How to use the Excel PERCENTILE function

Excel PERCENTILE Function:


The Percentile Function in Excel will return the k-th percentile of values in a range. This implies that the value below the k% of the data values fall, while using the Percentile Function. This is for a Supplied range of values also for the supplied k.

Percentile function in Excel

The Percentile Function in Excel calculates the k-th percentile for a data set in Excel. The Percentile Excel function can be used in creating or building a source of acceptance. For an instance. Let’s consider an example, suppose you need to take a decision. Where you have to examine the candidates who have scored above the 90th percentile.

The Percentile Function Excel can be used for determining the 90th and the 80th percentile. Since a percentile here is a value. It is described as the place where a defined percentage of value in a data set falls.


Calculate the kth percentile

Return value of the Function is: 

The value obtained from the Calculated percentile for k

The Syntax of the Function is: 

=PERCENTILE (array, k)

To find where the Function Arguments are: 

array – Data values.

k – Number representing kth percentile.

Important: What is the Formula for Percentile in Excel?

The formula used for calculating percentile ranks is Uncomplicated and comparatively easy to decipher. You can straightforward calculate the scores by just calculating the Percentile Rank. (The Percent Rank v/s Percentile: Percentile Rank is the rank which stands for the scores in the distribution). The formula for the Percentile Rank is: R=P/ 100 (N+1).

Here, R stands for the rank order of the score.

Practice notes:

The Percentile Function will return the k-th percentile of values in a range. It calculates the k-th percentile for a data set in Excel. A percentile here is a value. It is described as the place where a defined percentage of value in a data set falls.

You must know how to calculate Percentile in Excel. If a percentile is calculated with .5 ask stands for 50%. i.e. percentage of values are less than or equal to the result obtained after the Calculation. And if a percentile is calculated with k = .9 where k stands for 90%. i.e. percentage of values are less than or supposedly equal to the calculated result.

Well, to use PERCENTILE Function in Excel, you need to provide a range of values and a number in between 0 and 1. Although, this will stand for the argument “k”, which represents percent.

How does Excel Calculate Percentile?

Let’s consider an example of the Percentile Function:

= PERCENTILE (range,.5)// 50th Percentile

= PERCENTILE (range,.9)// 90th Percentile

Specify k as a percent which uses the % character

= PERCENTILE (range,.7)// 70th Percentile</div

The Percentile function Excel will return the value which is greater than or equal to the specified Percentile. In the example, the formula in G5 is:

= PERCENTILE(scores, E5)

Here, scores stand for the named range C5:C14

Important: It is declared by Microsoft that Percentile is a Compatibility Function. And there is a new Function for the same now replaced by the Function.

To remember:

k can be provided as a decimal (.6) or a percentage (60%)

k must be between 0 and 1, if not, the PERCENTILE will return the #NUM! error.

This can be termed as the Percentile Function Errors:

Which means if any error takes place from the Excel Percentile Function, this is likely to happen: Common Error

Also, when the percentiles will fall between the values, PERCENTILE will interpose and return an intermediate value soon afterward.

Important: The Percentile Function has been replace by one or more new Functions. These functions propose enhanced accuracy in results. And the names of these already reflect on their usage. The quartile function is made available till date. But this used to be helpful for the Backward Compatibility. Since there might be no availability of the percentile function in Excel in Future. Therefore, people should not rely on these Functions anymore.

The percentiles and quartiles excel are easy and well known to all.

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